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Альбом в стиле "Metalcore":



Boss Buckle EP 36 Crazyfists 1995
The Misanthrope Darkest Hour 1996
Under The Knife Hatebreed 1996
In The Skin 36 Crazyfists 1997
Perpetual War (Demo) Diecast 1997
Satisfaction is the Death of Desire Hatebreed 1997
Suffer Tree EP 36 Crazyfists 1997
Caliban EP Caliban 1998
Somber Eyes to the Sky Shadows Fall 1998
The Prophecy Fulfilled Darkest Hour 1998
Undo the Wicked Diecast 1998
Visions (EP) Atreyu 1998
A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven Caliban 1999
Act Of Depression Underoath 1999
Demo '99 36 Crazyfists 1999
The Bound Feed The Gagged Walls of Jericho 1999
Asunder Heaven Shall Burn 2000
Cries 0f The Past Underoath 2000
Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage 2000
Of One Blood Shadows Fall 2000
The Mark Of The Judas Darkest Hour 2000
Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes (03:03) 02. Torn Within (01:46) 03. Forc As I Lay Dying 2001
Day of Reckoning Diecast 2001
Dust to Ashes Bleeding Through 2001
Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty (EP) Atreyu 2001
So Sedated, So Secure Darkest Hour 2001
Vent Caliban 2001
Alive or Just Breathing Killswitch Engage 2002
Behind Silence And Solitude All That Remains 2002
Bitterness The Star 36 Crazyfists 2002
Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child Norma Jean 2002
Choke on this Psycho Choke 2002
Dust to Ashes Bleeding Through 2002
Perseverance Hatebreed 2002
Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses Atreyu 2002
The Art of Balance Shadows Fall 2002
Whatever It May Take Heaven Shall Burn 2002
Frail Words Collapse As I Lay Dying 2003
Hate.Malice.Revenge All Shall Perish 2003
Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation Darkest Hour 2003
I Killed The Prom Queen And Parkway Drive [Split] Parkway Drive 2003
Shadow Hearts Caliban 2003
The Bedroom Sessions (demo) Bring Me The Horizon 2003
The Rise of Brutality Hatebreed 2003
This Is Love, This Is Murderous Bleeding Through 2003
What We've Built [Split] Parkway Drive 2003
A Snow Capped Romance 36 Crazyfists 2004
All Hail The Dead Walls of Jericho 2004
Antigone Heaven Shall Burn 2004
Bullet for My Valentine (EP) Bullet For My Valentine 2004
Don't Close Your Eyes [EP] Parkway Drive 2004
Tearing Down Your Blue Skies Diecast 2004
The Curse Atreyu 2004
The Curse (Instrumental) Atreyu 2004
The End of Heartache Killswitch Engage 2004
The Opposite From Within Caliban 2004
The War Within Shadows Fall 2004
They're Only Chasing Safety Underoath 2004
This Darkened Heart All That Remains 2004
This is What the Edge of Your Seat Was Made For (ep) Bring Me The Horizon 2004
When Goodbye Means Forever I Killed The Prom Queen 2004
Конвейер Снов Stigmata 2004
Hand of Blood EP Bullet For My Valentine 2005
Killing With A Smile Parkway Drive 2005
Killswitch Engage (remastered) Killswitch Engage 2005
O' God, The Aftermath (Deluxe Edition) Norma Jean 2005
One Mind Less Psycho Choke 2005
Shadows Are Security As I Lay Dying 2005
The Amity Affliction EP The Amity Affliction 2005
The Poison Bullet For My Valentine 2005
Undoing Ruin Darkest Hour 2005
Больше Чем Любовь Stigmata 2005
A Death Grip On Yesterday Atreyu 2006
A Death Grip On Yesterday (Instrumental) Atreyu 2006
Allegiance As Blood Runs Black 2006
Archives Darkest Hour 2006
As Daylight Dies Killswitch Engage 2006
Casting Shadows EP Sylosis 2006
Count Your Blessings Bring Me The Horizon 2006
Deaf to Our Prayers Heaven Shall Burn 2006
Define The Great Line Underoath 2006
Don't Close Your Eyes [EP] [Reissue] Parkway Drive 2006
Fallout From The War Shadows Fall 2006
For The Fallen Dreams EP For the Fallen Dreams 2006
Internal Revolution Diecast 2006
Music for the Recently Deceased I Killed The Prom Queen 2006
Nightly Ray Emergency Gate 2006
Nightmares Architects 2006
Redeemer Norah Jones 2006
Rest Inside The Flames 36 Crazyfists 2006
Supremacy Hatebreed 2006
The Fall Of Ideals All That Remains 2006
The Poison (Re-Issue) Bullet For My Valentine 2006
The Poison: Live at Brixton Bullet For My Valentine 2006
The Price of Existence All Shall Perish 2006
The Truth (The Complete Truth) Bleeding Through 2006
The Undying Darkness Caliban 2006
With Devils Amongst Us All Walls of Jericho 2006
An Ocean Between Us As I Lay Dying 2007
Beautiful Tragedy In This Moment 2007
Deliver Us Darkest Hour 2007
High Hopes EP The Amity Affliction 2007
His Last Walk Blessthefall 2007
Horizons Parkway Drive 2007
New Beginnings EP For the Fallen Dreams 2007
Once Only Imagined The Agonist 2007
Rare Cuts (EP) Bullet For My Valentine 2007
Ruin Architects 2007
Seeking The Way: The Greatest Hits Shadows Fall 2007
Stigmata Stigmata 2007
The Awakening Caliban 2007
The Best Of Atreyu Atreyu 2007
The Last Moments Of Absence EP Psycho Choke 2007
The Sleep Of The Innocents EP Bury Tomorrow 2007
The Somatic Defilement Whitechapel 2007
The Whorror EP Motionless In White 2007
Threads of Life Shadows Fall 2007
Your Moment, Your Life, Your Time (EP) For Today 2007
Awaken the Dreamer All Shall Perish 2008
Behind Enemy Lines Saving Grace 2008
Calm Before the Storm EP Affiance 2008
Changes For the Fallen Dreams 2008
Conclusion of An Age Sylosis 2008
Das Monster aus dem Schrank We Butter the Bread with Butter 2008
Declaration Bleeding Through 2008
Demonstrations EP We Came as Romans 2008
Dreams EP We Came as Romans 2008
Ekklesia For Today 2008
Fit For A King EP Fit For A King 2008
Iconoclast (Part 1 The Final Resistance) Heaven Shall Burn 2008
Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2.0 Atreyu 2008
Lost In The Sound Of Separation Underoath 2008
Overcome All That Remains 2008
Scream Aim Fire Bullet For My Valentine 2008
Severed Ties The Amity Affliction 2008
Sleepless Nights and City Lights (Live) I Killed The Prom Queen 2008
Soundtrack To A Party Attila 2008
Suicide Season Bring Me The Horizon 2008
The American Dream Walls of Jericho 2008
The Anti Mother Norma Jean 2008
The Oculus 36 Crazyfists 2008
The Supreme Oppressor Sylosis 2008
The Tide and Its Takers 36 Crazyfists 2008
The Word Alive The Word Alive 2008
This is Exile Whitechapel 2008
A Higher Place Born of Osiris 2009
Almost Home Evergreen Terrace 2009
Antimatter Spoil Engine 2009
Artifacts In Motion Circle Of Contempt 2009
Awaken The Vesper EP Fit For A King 2009
Bones As Armour Enemy Logic 2009
Bury Me Alive Inhale Exhale 2009
Congregation of the Damned Atreyu 2009
Demo Of Mice & Men 2009
Empire The Word Alive 2009
Felony Emmure 2009
For The Lions Hatebreed 2009
Hatebreed (Special Edition) Hatebreed 2009
Hollow Crown Architects 2009
Killswitch Engage II Killswitch Engage 2009
Kings Of The Dead End Road Silent Decay 2009
Leave Everything Behind EP Amaranthe 2009
Lullabies For the Dormant Mind The Agonist 2009
Phinehas EP Phinehas 2009
Portraits For Today 2009
Portraits Bury Tomorrow 2009
Retribution Shadows Fall 2009
Rewake Emergency Gate 2009
Say Hello To Tragedy Caliban 2009
Sleepwalking Memphis May Fire 2009
Suicide Season: Cut Up! Bring Me The Horizon 2009
The Dream Ultraviolet Edition In This Moment 2009
The Eternal Return Darkest Hour 2009
The Hurt The Divine The Light EP Betraying The Martyrs 2009
The Ruin Of Man Sacred Mother Tongue 2009
To Plant a Seed We Came as Romans 2009
We All Have Demons The Color Morale 2009
When Love Met Destruction EP Motionless In White 2009
Witness Blessthefall 2009
Ø (Disambiguation) [Limited Edition] Underoath 2010
...For We Are Many All That Remains 2010
A Negative Response To Change 9Blind 2010
A New Era of Corruption Whitechapel 2010
A Star-Crossed Wasteland In This Moment 2010
Andromeda EP Erra 2010
Bleeding Through Bleeding Through 2010
Breaker For Today 2010
Collisions and Castaways 36 Crazyfists 2010
Covers of the Damned [EP] Atreyu 2010
Deep Blue Parkway Drive 2010
Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging We Butter the Bread with Butter 2010
Dreamer [Digital Exclusive] Haste The Day 2010
Erra EP Erra 2010
Fever (Tour Edition Bonus CD) Bullet For My Valentine 2010
Glory Days The Amity Affliction 2010
Invictus (Iconoclast III) Heaven Shall Burn 2010
Meridional Norma Jean 2010
New Blood My Dear Addiction 2010
No Secret Revealed Affiance 2010
Of Mice & Men Of Mice & Men 2010
Pangaea Defiler 2010
Rage Attila 2010
Recover Confide 2010
Standing On The Edge The Browning 2010
Sweet Talker EP Like Moths To Flames 2010
The Nemesis Construct Emergency Gate 2010
The North Stands For Nothing While She Sleeps 2010
The Powerless Rise As I Lay Dying 2010
There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Kee Bring Me The Horizon 2010
Through Tomorrow (Deluxe Edition) Seasons After 2010
Unbreakable Saving Grace 2010
Unraveling Chaos Psycho Choke 2010
Youngbloods The Amity Affliction 2010
Инстинкт Обречённых Amatory 2010
Мой Путь Stigmata 2010
Amaranthe Amaranthe 2011
Awakening Blessthefall 2011
Back Burner For the Fallen Dreams 2011
Breathe In Life Betraying The Martyrs 2011
Burn This World The Browning 2011
Coverfield EP Caliban 2011
Cutting The Ties EP Sylar 2011
Decas As I Lay Dying 2011
Deceiver (Deluxe Edition) The Word Alive 2011
Descendants Fit For A King 2011
Edge of The Earth Sylosis 2011
Grave Times The Defiled 2011
Hell Frost The Unguided 2011
Impulse Erra 2011
In Waves (Special Edition) Trivium 2011
Instinct As Blood Runs Black 2011
My Devil In Your Eyes The Color Morale 2011
One Reality Texas In July 2011
Outlawed Attila 2011
Pangaea (Re-Issue) Defiler 2011
Reckless And Relentless Asking Alexandria 2011
Recorrupted EP Whitechapel 2011
Remembrance - The Early Days EP Emergency Gate 2011
The Discovery Born of Osiris 2011
The Here and Now Architects 2011
The Hollow Memphis May Fire 2011
The Human Romance (Limited Edition) Darkest Hour 2011
The King Is Coming Saving Grace 2011
The Pale Horse Legend 2011
The Wretched Symphony (Expanded Edition) Dead Silence Hides My Cries 2011
Thegodmachine Phinehas 2011
This Is Where It Ends All Shall Perish 2011
Time Will Tell The Browning 2011
Understanding What We've Grown to Be We Came as Romans 2011
We are the Ones EP Wolves at the Gate 2011
When We Don’t Exist Like Moths To Flames 2011
Анкерный Болт Сотоны Бездна Анального Угнетения 2011
320 kbps Decades Of Despair 2012
A War You Cannot Win All That Remains 2012
Atlas Parkway Drive 2012
Awakened (Deluxe Edition) As I Lay Dying 2012
Black Diamonds EP Issues 2012
Captors Wolves at the Gate 2012
Chasing Ghosts The Amity Affliction 2012
Creatures (Deluxe Edition) Motionless In White 2012
Daybreaker Architects 2012
Divination In Hearts Wake 2012
Entwine The Threads EP Circle Of Contempt 2012
Fire From The Sky Shadows Fall 2012
I Am Nemesis [Deluxe Edition] Caliban 2012
Immortal For Today 2012
Infamous Motionless In White 2012
Le Poids Du Vide Vortex 2012
Life Cycles (Deluxe Edition) The Word Alive 2012
Monolith Sylosis 2012
Nematocera Defiler 2012
Prisoners The Agonist 2012
Projekt Herz (EP) We Butter the Bread with Butter 2012
The Campaigh Affiance 2012
The Flood Of Mice & Men 2012
The Great Fire Bleeding Through 2012
The Union Of Crowns Bury Tomorrow 2012
Wasted Youth For the Fallen Dreams 2012
Whitechapel Whitechapel 2012
Основано на Реальных Событиях Stigmata 2012
Хроники Последних Дней Бездна Анального Угнетения 2012
About That Life Attila 2013
An Eye For An Eye Like Moths To Flames 2013
Augment Erra 2013
Back to School Wolves at the Gate 2013
Creation/Destruction Fit For A King 2013
Daggers The Defiled 2013
Deadbeat EP Sylar 2013
Dethrone The Order Of Elijah 2013
Disarm The Descent Killswitch Engage 2013
From Death To Destiny Asking Alexandria 2013
Goldkinder (Deluxe Edition) We Butter the Bread with Butter 2013
Hollow Bodies Blessthefall 2013
Hypernova The Browning 2013
Know Hope The Color Morale 2013
Love & Honor Sarah Where Is My Tea 2013
Out Of The Darkness Sacred Mother Tongue 2013
Prevailer (EP) For Today 2013
Private Ghetto Animations 2013
Savages Glamour Of The Kill 2013
Sempiternal Bring Me The Horizon 2013
Temper Temper (Deluxe Edition) Bullet For My Valentine 2013
The Bridge Between EP Phinehas 2013
The Last Word Is Yours to Speak Phinehas 2013
The Nexus Amaranthe 2013
The Symphony Of Hope Dead Silence Hides My Cries 2013
This Is The Six While She Sleeps 2013
Tides Of War Chariots of the Gods 2013
Tomorrow We Die ∆live Born of Osiris 2013
Tracing Back Roots We Came as Romans 2013
Veto Heaven Shall Burn 2013
Wolves Within After The Burial 2013
Wrongdoers Norma Jean 2013
You (Limited Edition) Emergency Gate 2013
Young.Used.Wasted. To the Rats and Wolves 2013
Beloved I Killed The Prom Queen 2014
Black Widow In This Moment 2014
Blackout Affiance 2014
Calamity Scars & Memoirs Seasons After 2014
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour 2014
Earthwalker In Hearts Wake 2014
Eternal Enemies Emmure 2014
Fight the Silence For Today 2014
Fragile Immortality The Unguided 2014
Ghost Empire Caliban 2014
Ground Zero As Blood Runs Black 2014
Guilty Pleasure Attila 2014
Heavy Hearts For the Fallen Dreams 2014
Hold On Pain Ends The Color Morale 2014
Infected (Deluxe Edition) Emergency Gate 2014
Issues Issues 2014
Let The Ocean Take Me The Amity Affliction 2014
Lost Forever/ Lost Together Architects 2014
Massive Addictive Amaranthe 2014
Moments Of Clarity EP Erra 2014
My Longest Way Home Any Given Day 2014
Our Endless War (Limited Edition) Whitechapel 2014
Phantom Betraying The Martyrs 2014
Reincarnate Motionless In White 2014
Restoring Force Of Mice & Men 2014
Runes Bury Tomorrow 2014
Shadowed By Vultures Polar 2014
Slave To Nothing Fit For A King 2014
Supreme Truth Shokran 2014
Telos Forevermore 2014
The Urgency Saving Grace 2014
To Whom It May Concern Sylar 2014
VxV Wolves at the Gate 2014
We Are All Sinners Upon This Dawning 2014
Written In Blood Darkness Divided 2014
6 Amatory 2015
Blacked Out Now And On Earth 2015
Brainwashed While She Sleeps 2015
Coward Haste The Day 2015
Dead Society EP We Were Giants 2015
Disgusting Beartooth 2015
Dormant Heart Sylosis 2015
Every Trick in the Book Ice Nine Kills 2015
Eye Of Providence The Agonist 2015
Ire Parkway Drive 2015
Legion EP Stigmata 2015
Long Live (Deluxe Edition) Atreyu 2015
Lost Isles Oceans Ate Alaska 2015
Loved Ones I Remember Burning 2015
Neverland To the Rats and Wolves 2015
No Place In My Soul Psycho Choke 2015
Reprise Wolves at the Gate 2015
Skydancer In Hearts Wake 2015
Soul Sphere Born of Osiris 2015
Take It Like A Man Butcher Babies 2015
The Dying Things We Live For Like Moths To Flames 2015
Till the End Phinehas 2015
Time And Trauma (Deluxe Edition) 36 Crazyfists 2015
To Those Left Behind Blessthefall 2015
Venom Bullet For My Valentine 2015
We Came as Romans We Came as Romans 2015
Wieder Geil! We Butter the Bread with Butter 2015
Ages Unsung Chariots of the Gods 2016
Aggressive Beartooth 2016
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Architects 2016
Ankaa Eths 2016
Bad Omens Bad Omens 2016
CHAOS Attila 2016
Chapter 7 Above This 2016
Come Hell or High Water A Dying Breed 2016
Dark Matter The Word Alive 2016
Darkness Divided Darkness Divided 2016
Deathgrip Fit For A King 2016
Divide to Unite Forever In Combat 2016
Drift Erra 2016
Earthbound Bury Tomorrow 2016
Ember To Inferno (Ab Initio Deluxe Edition) Trivium 2016
Everlasting Any Given Day 2016
Exodus Shokran 2016
Five The Agonist 2016
Gaia EP Affiance 2016
Gravity Caliban 2016
Headspace Issues 2016
Help! Sylar 2016
Honor Is Dead Wovenwar 2016
Incarnate (Deluxe Edition) Killswitch Engage 2016
Into The Wild Wildways 2016
Isolation The Browning 2016
Lifelines I Prevail 2016
Lust and Loathing The Unguided 2016
Manifesto Seasons After 2016
Maximalism Deluxe Edition Amaranthe 2016
Modern Death Pop GrooVenoM 2016
More Human Than Us Goddamn 2016
Nightlife Light Up The Sky 2016
No One Can Save You from Yourself (Deluxe Edition) Walls of Jericho 2016
Pandora's Box Slave Of Insanity 2016
Peace Gives/Envy Rots Counterculture 2016
Polar Similar Norma Jean 2016
Reflections In Our Sights 2016
Revelations The End At The Beginning 2016
Shadows In The Snow Avery's Descent 2016
Sleepless Adept 2016
Structures For Creation Circle Of Contempt 2016
The Asylum Vortex 2016
The Black Asking Alexandria 2016
The Cataclysm Northern Ocean 2016
The Concrete Confessional Hatebreed 2016
True North Crystal Lake 2016
Wanderer (Deluxe Edition) Heaven Shall Burn 2016
Whispers To Die Elsewhere 2016
Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora Darkest Hour 2017
Halfway Human Within The Ruins 2017
Look At Yourself Emmure 2017
Safe Is Just a Shadow (Re-Shadowed and Re-Recorded) Ice Nine Kills 2017
Secrets A Breach Of Silence 2017
The Resilient Betraying The Martyrs 2017


Металкор – это музыкальный жанр, который объединяет экстремальный метал и хардкор-панк, это можно заметить в названии представляющее словослияние названий двух образующих его жанров. Он отличается от других форм слияния панка и метала более простой структурой песен. Metalcore появился в 1980-х годах в США, но стал популярным лишь в 2000-х. В 1990-х, правда, еще образовался его поджанр – progressive metalcore. Музыканты начали мешать метал с хардкором ещё до появления металкора как стиля, проявилось это в таких стилях как нью-йорк хардкор и кроссовер. Между 1989 и 1995 появилась новая волна хардкор-групп, таких как Merauder, All Out War, Integrity, Biohazard Earth Crisis, Converge, Shai Hulud, Starkweather, Judge, Strife, Rorschach, Vision of Disorder и Hatebreed. Ближе к 1997 году металкор стал очень популярен во всём мире. Сама тематика жанра несла в себе очень многие истины жизни, раскрывала более правильные понятия о человеке и привлекательность состояла в очень необычном звучании гитар и ударных благодаря смешению с хардкором мелодичного дэт-метала,трэша и нью-метала. Самыми влиятельными группами в развитии металкора считают Sepultura и Pantera. Группа Sepultura заложила основы жанра, а группа Pantera, повлияла на Trivium, Atreyu, Bleeding Through и Unearth. Ранние группы, как, например, Hogan's Heroes, Earth Crisis и Integrity, больше склоняются к панку, в то время, как современные — Killswitch Engage, Underoath, All That Remains, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Bullet for My Valentine и The Devil Wears Prada — к металлу.



Музыкальные новости

Новый клип Канье Уэста вызвал ажиотаж в сети
Клип американского рэпера Канье Уэста "Famous" вызвал ажиотаж в сети и собрал много разговоров вокруг себя. Ролик..

Шакира побывала на чемпионате Евро 2016
Популярная колумбийская исполнительница Шакира вместе с сыновьями побывала на футбольном чемпионате Евро 2016...

Рита Ора госпитализирована
Напряженный рабочий график рано или поздно приводит к истощению организма, с чем столкнулась и известная певица..

Принц Гарри спел с Coldplay
Благодаря стараниям британского принца Гарри в Кенсингтонском дворце состоялось мероприятие, целью которого..

Свидание с Верой Брежневой было продано на аукционе за 25 тысяч долларов
Украинская певица Вера Брежнева присоединилась к благотворительной акции модели Лены Перминовой, которая направлена..

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Популярные исполнители

1.  Monatik
2.  Halsey
3.  Король и Шут
4.  Artik & Asti
5.  Melanie Martinez
6.  Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт (W.A. Mozart)
7.  Антитіла
8.  Bring Me The Horizon
9.  Егор Крид (KReeD)
10.  Twenty One Pilots

ТОП 10 сегодня

1.  t.A.T.u. - 200 km/h in The Wrong Lane
2.  Жанна Бичевская - Жанна Бичевская поет песни Иеромонаха Романа
3.  Татьяна Буланова - Мой сон (feat Dj ЦветкоFF)
4.  THE HARDKISS - Stones and Honey
5.  Dan Balan - Freedom Part 1
6.  Потап и Настя Каменских - Всё пучком
7.  ZippO - Незабываемо
8.  Our Last Night - Oak Island Pt.I [EP]
9.  Дмитрий Колдун - Город больших огней

ТОП 10 за месяц

1.  Monatik - Звучит
2.  Halsey - BADLANDS (Deluxe Edition)
3.  Король и Шут - Лучшие песни
4.  Artik & Asti - Здесь и сейчас
5.  Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)
6.  Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт (W.A. Mozart) - Mozart for Babies/Моцарт для детей 2CD
7.  Антитіла - Все красиво
8.  Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal
9.  Егор Крид (KReeD) - Холостяк
10.  Twenty One Pilots - Vessel

Новинки музыки

1.  Ас Вентура - Дикое поле
2.  Tubefreeks - The Dry Tide
3.  Regulus - Quadralith
4.  Lock Up - Demonization
5.  Jett Rebel - Super Pop
6.  Inner Prospekt - One of each One
7.  Amelia Curran - Watershed
8.  Within The Ruins - Halfway Human
9.  The Static Shift - Common Bliss
10.  The Encounter - Bad mood (Deluxe Edition)

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