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Melodic Музыка

Альбом в стиле "Melodic":



Mental Energy Myth 1985
Reek Of Putrefaction Carcass 1988
Symphonies Of Sickness Carcass 1989
Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious Carcass 1991
The Peel Sessions Carcass 1991
Gotthard Gotthard 1992
Penetralia Hypocrisy 1992
Tools Of The Trade Carcass 1992
Heartwork Carcass 1993
Osculum Obscenum Hypocrisy 1993
Pleasure Of Molestation EP Hypocrisy 1993
Skydancer Dark Tranquillity 1993
The Heartwork EP Carcass 1993
Dial Hard Gotthard 1994
The Fourth Dimension Hypocrisy 1994
Maximum Abduction EP Hypocrisy 1995
The Gallery Deluxe Edition Dark Tranquillity 1995
Abducted Hypocrisy 1996
Black Earth Arch Enemy 1996
G. Gotthard 1996
Paradise Belongs to You Saturnus 1996
Swansong Carcass 1996
The Misanthrope Darkest Hour 1996
Wake Up And Smell The... Carcass Carcass 1996
Best Of Carcass Carcass 1997
D-Frosted (Live) Gotthard 1997
Lupine Essence Suidakra 1997
Something Wild (RELOADED Edition) Children Of Bodom 1997
The Final Chapter Hypocrisy 1997
The Mind's I Deluxe Edition Dark Tranquillity 1997
Auld Lang Syne Suidakra 1998
For The Loveless Lonely Nights Saturnus 1998
Open Gotthard 1998
Somber Eyes to the Sky Shadows Fall 1998
Stigmata Arch Enemy 1998
The Prophecy Fulfilled Darkest Hour 1998
Burning Bridges Arch Enemy 1999
Hatebreeder Children Of Bodom 1999
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy 1999
Martyre Saturnus 1999
Projector Dark Tranquillity 1999
Follow The Reaper Children Of Bodom 2000
Haven Dark Tranquillity 2000
I'll Wake You, When Spring Awakes EP Deadlock 2000
Into The Abyss Hypocrisy 2000
Of One Blood Shadows Fall 2000
Swamplord Kalmah 2000
The Arcanum Suidakra 2000
The Mark Of The Judas Darkest Hour 2000
Dust to Ashes Bleeding Through 2001
Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty (EP) Atreyu 2001
Gehenna EP Before the Dawn 2001
Homerun Gotthard 2001
So Sedated, So Secure Darkest Hour 2001
A Cold-Blooded Epitaph EP The Black Dahlia Murder 2002
Behind Silence And Solitude All That Remains 2002
Catch 22 Hypocrisy 2002
Damage Done Dark Tranquillity 2002
Dust to Ashes Bleeding Through 2002
Emprise To Avalon Suidakra 2002
In The Halls Of Awaiting Insomnium 2002
Nebularium Disarmonia Mundi 2002
One Life, One Soul (Best Of Ballads) Gotthard 2002
Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses Atreyu 2002
The Arrival Deadlock 2002
The Art of Balance Shadows Fall 2002
The Scroll of Stone Magica 2002
They Will Return Kalmah 2002
Anthems Of Rebellion Arch Enemy 2003
Bestbreeder From 1997 To 2000 Children Of Bodom 2003
Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation Darkest Hour 2003
Human Zoo Gotthard 2003
I Killed The Prom Queen And Parkway Drive [Split] Parkway Drive 2003
Inhumanity Mors Principium Est 2003
My Darkness Before the Dawn 2003
Signs For The Fallen Suidakra 2003
Swampsong Kalmah 2003
Sweet Vengeance Nightrage 2003
The Morning Never Came Swallow The Sun 2003
This Is Love, This Is Murderous Bleeding Through 2003
Unhallowed The Black Dahlia Murder 2003
What We've Built [Split] Parkway Drive 2003
4:17am Before the Dawn 2004
Choice Cuts Carcass 2004
Don't Close Your Eyes [EP] Parkway Drive 2004
Fragments Of D - Generation Disarmonia Mundi 2004
Lightseeker Magica 2004
One Team, One Spirit (The Very Best) Gotthard 2004
Since The Day It All Came Down Insomnium 2004
The Arrival Hypocrisy 2004
The Curse Atreyu 2004
The Curse (Instrumental) Atreyu 2004
The War Within Shadows Fall 2004
This Darkened Heart All That Remains 2004
Ven EP Eluveitie 2004
Wintersun Wintersun 2004
Years In Waste Omnium Gatherum 2004
Antithesis Subliminal Crusher 2005
Are You Dead Yet? Children Of Bodom 2005
Character Dark Tranquillity 2005
Command to Charge Suidakra 2005
Confidential World Of Lies Darkness by Oath 2005
Descent Into Chaos Nightrage 2005
Doomsday Machine Arch Enemy 2005
Earth.Revolt Deadlock 2005
Ghosts Of Loss Swallow The Sun 2005
Killing With A Smile Parkway Drive 2005
Lipservice Gotthard 2005
Miasma The Black Dahlia Murder 2005
Symmetric In Design Scar Symmetry 2005
The Unborn Mors Principium Est 2005
Undoing Ruin Darkest Hour 2005
Virus Hypocrisy 2005
A Death Grip On Yesterday Atreyu 2006
A Death Grip On Yesterday (Instrumental) Atreyu 2006
Above The Weeping World Insomnium 2006
Allegiance As Blood Runs Black 2006
Archives Darkest Hour 2006
Caledonia Suidakra 2006
Casting Shadows EP Sylosis 2006
Don't Close Your Eyes [EP] [Reissue] Parkway Drive 2006
Fallout From The War Shadows Fall 2006
For The Fallen Dreams EP For the Fallen Dreams 2006
Made In Switzerland (Live) Gotthard 2006
Mind Tricks [Extended Version] Disarmonia Mundi 2006
Nightly Ray Emergency Gate 2006
Orbit Dance MyGrain 2006
Pitch Black Progress Scar Symmetry 2006
Spirit Eluveitie 2006
The Black Waltz Kalmah 2006
The Fall Of Ideals All That Remains 2006
The Poison (Re-Issue) Bullet For My Valentine 2006
The Truth (The Complete Truth) Bleeding Through 2006
Thoughts of No Tomorrow Avatar 2006
Veronika Decides to Die Saturnus 2006
A New Disease Is Born Nightrage 2007
B-Sides Gotthard 2007
Beautiful Tragedy In This Moment 2007
Bodom Covers Children Of Bodom 2007
Cum On Chunk! No, Captain Chunk 2007
Deliver Us Darkest Hour 2007
Domino Effect Gotthard 2007
Fiction Dark Tranquillity 2007
Hereafter Magica 2007
Hope Swallow The Sun 2007
Horizons Parkway Drive 2007
Liberation = Termination Mors Principium Est 2007
New Beginnings EP For the Fallen Dreams 2007
Nocturnal The Black Dahlia Murder 2007
Once Only Imagined The Agonist 2007
Reborn Souldrainer 2007
Rise Of The Tyrant Arch Enemy 2007
Schlacht Avatar 2007
Seeking The Way: The Greatest Hits Shadows Fall 2007
Stuck Here on Snakes Way Omnium Gatherum 2007
The Best Of Atreyu Atreyu 2007
The Dethalbum Dethklok 2007
The Frail Tide Be'lakor 2007
The Sleep Of The Innocents EP Bury Tomorrow 2007
Threads of Life Shadows Fall 2007
Welcome to the Plague Year EP Bleed from Within 2007
Wolves (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2007
До Последнего Вздоха EP Kambodge 2007
Allegaeon EP Allegaeon 2008
Blooddrunk Children Of Bodom 2008
Calm Before the Storm EP Affiance 2008
Changes For the Fallen Dreams 2008
Conclusion of An Age Sylosis 2008
Declaration Bleeding Through 2008
Endvolution Subliminal Crusher 2008
For the Revolution Kalmah 2008
Holographic Universe Scar Symmetry 2008
Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2.0 Atreyu 2008
Manifesto (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2008
Overcome All That Remains 2008
Plague Of Butterflies EP Swallow The Sun 2008
Signs Of Existence MyGrain 2008
Slania Eluveitie 2008
The Healing Artas 2008
The Redshift Omnium Gatherum 2008
The Supreme Oppressor Sylosis 2008
To The Edge Of Reality EP Dreamshade 2008
Wolves and Witches Magica 2008
Стирая Эмаль Kambodge 2008
A Taste Of Extreme Divinity Hypocrisy 2009
Across The Dark (Limited Edition) Insomnium 2009
Artifacts In Motion Circle Of Contempt 2009
Avatar Avatar 2009
Call Of Schizophrenia Fear Of Domination 2009
Canvas Rainwill 2009
Congregation of the Damned Atreyu 2009
Covers Children Of Bodom 2009
Crogacht Suidakra 2009
Dark Matter Dimensions Scar Symmetry 2009
Deflorate The Black Dahlia Murder 2009
Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion Eluveitie 2009
Fear Yourself Darkness by Oath 2009
Gutterbound Baptized In Blood 2009
Hell Or Highwater Kings Of Modesty 2009
Humanity Bleed from Within 2009
In The Black Kittie 2009
Kuu Kaakon Ylla Viikate 2009
Lullabies For the Dormant Mind The Agonist 2009
Nebularium & The Restless Memoirs EP Disarmonia Mundi 2009
Need To Believe Gotthard 2009
New Moon Swallow The Sun 2009
Phinehas EP Phinehas 2009
Portraits Bury Tomorrow 2009
Retribution Shadows Fall 2009
Rewake Emergency Gate 2009
Scars Of Your Decay Karnak Seti 2009
Skeletons In The Closet Children Of Bodom 2009
Stone's Reach Be'lakor 2009
The Collapse [ep] System Divide 2009
The Dethalbum II Dethklok 2009
The Eternal Return Darkest Hour 2009
The Isolation Game Disarmonia Mundi 2009
The Root Of All Evil (Limited Deluxe Edition) Arch Enemy 2009
The Ruin Of Man Sacred Mother Tongue 2009
Undergrounded Universe Renegade Five 2009
Wearing a Martyr's Crown Nightrage 2009
Ветром Cтал Kambodge 2009
...For We Are Many All That Remains 2010
12 Gauge (Japanese Edition) Kalmah 2010
A Star-Crossed Wasteland In This Moment 2010
Angel Of Babylon AVANTASIA 2010
Baptized In Blood Baptized In Blood 2010
Bleeding Through Bleeding Through 2010
Covers of the Damned [EP] Atreyu 2010
Dark Diary Magica 2010
Deep Blue Parkway Drive 2010
Dreamer [Digital Exclusive] Haste The Day 2010
Empire (Limited Edition) Bleed from Within 2010
Everything Remains As It Never Was Eluveitie 2010
For Aeons Past Solution .45 2010
Fragments of Form and Function Allegaeon 2010
Heaven (Best Of Ballads - Part 2) Gotthard 2010
New Blood My Dear Addiction 2010
No Secret Revealed Affiance 2010
Queen Of Clubs (Diamond Edition) Nadia Ali 2010
Queen Of Clubs Trilogy: Onyx Edition Nadia Ali 2010
Restore The Balance Rise To Fall 2010
Something For Nothing Chunk! No, Captain Chunk 2010
Tear The World Down We Are The Fallen 2010
The Conscious Sedation System Divide 2010
The Nemesis Construct Emergency Gate 2010
The Wicked Symphony AVANTASIA 2010
Thousand Swords Whispered 2010
Through Tomorrow (Deluxe Edition) Seasons After 2010
Trust Your Soul Sunrise 2010
We Are The Void Dark Tranquillity 2010
Мой Путь Stigmata 2010
Back Burner For the Fallen Dreams 2011
Bizarro World (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2011
Book Of Dowth Suidakra 2011
Breaking The Silence Flawed Element 2011
Create.Control.Exterminate Fear Of Domination 2011
Dawn Of Khaos Arch Enemy 2011
Edge of The Earth Sylosis 2011
Heaven's Gate Souldrainer 2011
Hell Frost The Unguided 2011
IN FLAMES We Trust: Volume I EP The Neologist 2011
In Harmonic Entropy Karnak Seti 2011
Incomparable Dead By April 2011
Insidious Nightrage 2011
Instinct As Blood Runs Black 2011
Khaos Legions (Limited Deluxe Edition) Arch Enemy 2011
Life Is Already Fading EP Renegade Five 2011
MyGrain MyGrain 2011
New World Shadows Omnium Gatherum 2011
One For Sorrow Insomnium 2011
Relentless, Reckless Forever Children Of Bodom 2011
Remembrance - The Early Days EP Emergency Gate 2011
Riotology Artas 2011
Ritual The Black Dahlia Murder 2011
Sounds of a Playground Fading In Flames 2011
The 26 Letters of Your Universe The Neologist 2011
The Human Romance (Limited Edition) Darkest Hour 2011
The Unseen Empire Scar Symmetry 2011
Thegodmachine Phinehas 2011
What Silence Hides Dreamshade 2011
Aftermath Of The Lowdown Richie Sambora 2012
Slice Of Life Daniel Wanrooy 2012
...And Death Said Live Mors Principium Est 2012
320 kbps Decades Of Despair 2012
A War You Cannot Win All That Remains 2012
Atlas Parkway Drive 2012
Black Waltz Avatar 2012
Bye Bye Lullaby The Murder Of My Sweet 2012
Defying The Gods Rise To Fall 2012
Emerald Forest And The Blackbird Swallow The Sun 2012
Emotional Fire (Japanese Edition) Sunstorm (Joe Lynn Turner) 2012
Entwine The Threads EP Circle Of Contempt 2012
Fire From The Sky Shadows Fall 2012
Formshifter Allegaeon 2012
Helvetios (Limited Edition) Eluveitie 2012
Human Tides: Black Light Inception Hero's Fate 2012
Le Poids Du Vide Vortex 2012
Monolith Sylosis 2012
Naked But Dressed Dominoe 2012
Near Death Experience Darkness by Oath 2012
Nxt Gen Renegade Five 2012
Of Breath and Bone Be'lakor 2012
One More Breath Subliminal Fear 2012
Prisoners The Agonist 2012
ReDISCOver(ed) Axxis 2012
Rise of the Phoenix Before the Dawn 2012
Saturn In Ascension Saturnus 2012
The Campaigh Affiance 2012
The Dethalbum III Dethklok 2012
The Great Fire Bleeding Through 2012
The Greater Counterfeit Hailstone 2012
The Mission John Parr 2012
The Promise of Eternal Separation The Neologist 2012
The Union Of Crowns Bury Tomorrow 2012
Wasted Youth For the Fallen Dreams 2012
Working The Soil EP The Neologist 2012
Zeroed By Progress Rainwill 2013
Beyond Omnium Gatherum 2013
Big In Japan Night Ranger 2013
Construct Limited Edition Dark Tranquillity 2013
Cuts Like A Diamond Little River Band 2013
Departures Bernard Fanning 2013
End Of Disclosure Hypocrisy 2013
Ephemeral EP Insomnium 2013
Eternal Defiance Suidakra 2013
Everblack The Black Dahlia Murder 2013
Fires of Life (Japanese Edition) Starkill 2013
Halo Of Blood Children Of Bodom 2013
Impermanent Resonance James LaBrie 2013
Newmanity Subliminal Crusher 2013
No Love Lost No Love Lost 2013
Pardon My French Chunk! No, Captain Chunk 2013
Planetary Breathing MyGrain 2013
Reveries Naberus 2013
Savages Glamour Of The Kill 2013
Seventh Swamphony Kalmah 2013
Surgical Steel Carcass 2013
Temper Temper (Deluxe Edition) Bullet For My Valentine 2013
The Arsonist Deadlock 2013
The Bridge Between EP Phinehas 2013
The Eternal Chronicles EP Suidakra 2013
The Gift Of Life Dreamshade 2013
The Greatest Heavy Metal Cover Album in the Galactic History of the Pl The Neologist 2013
The Last Word Is Yours to Speak Phinehas 2013
Uprising (Limited Edition) Bleed from Within 2013
You (Limited Edition) Emergency Gate 2013
Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush 2014
Architect Souldrainer 2014
Black Widow In This Moment 2014
Blackout Affiance 2014
Calamity Scars & Memoirs Seasons After 2014
Crossfire White Widdow 2014
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour 2014
Dawn of the 5th Era Mors Principium Est 2014
Death Walk EP Bleed from Within 2014
Distorted Delusions Fear Of Domination 2014
Elements of the Infinite Allegaeon 2014
Epic Overland 2014
Fragile Immortality The Unguided 2014
Grind 'Em All EP The Black Dahlia Murder 2014
Ground Zero As Blood Runs Black 2014
Hail The Apocalypse Avatar 2014
Heavy Hearts For the Fallen Dreams 2014
Hydra Within Temptation 2014
Infected (Deluxe Edition) Emergency Gate 2014
King For A Day Crown Of Glory 2014
Let The World Know (Japanese Edition) Dead By April 2014
Masquerade Kirk 2014
Museum Mike Tramp 2014
My Longest Way Home Any Given Day 2014
Origins Eluveitie 2014
Pale Blue Light Manners 2014
Renatus Dynazty 2014
Rented World The Menzingers 2014
Ruination Adversary 2014
Runes Bury Tomorrow 2014
Scar Symmetry Scar Symmetry 2014
Seeds Of Desolation Darkness by Oath 2014
Shadows Of The Dying Sun (Limited Edition) Insomnium 2014
Shogunate Macabre Whispered 2014
Skydancer & Of Chaos And Eternal Night Dark Tranquillity 2014
Sonic Syndicate (Limited Edition) Sonic Syndicate 2014
The Human Contradiction Delain 2014
The Re - Arrival Deadlock 2014
Three Lions (Japanese Edition) Three Lions 2014
Tug Of War Ahola 2014
Virus Of The Mind Starkill 2014
Xenon Mechina 2014
Abysmal The Black Dahlia Murder 2015
Cinematic Parallels Killing Gandhi 2015
Cold Inferno Disarmonia Mundi 2015
Dark Angel (Japanese Edition) Find Me 2015
Death Is Not Dead The Crown 2015
Dormant Heart Sylosis 2015
End Vs. Beginning Rise To Fall 2015
Espiritual Alquimia 2015
Eye Of Providence The Agonist 2015
Havoc Warbell 2015
Human Tides: Cosmos Ex Chaos Hero's Fate 2015
I Worship Chaos (Deluxe Edition) Children Of Bodom 2015
Ire Parkway Drive 2015
Legacy Praying Mantis 2015
Limitless Temperance 2015
Mind Radio Kelly Keeling 2015
More Frantic (Frantic) Gun 2015
Nightmares in the Waking State, Pt. 1 Solution .45 2015
Songs From The North I Swallow The Sun 2015
Songs From The North II Swallow The Sun 2015
Songs From The North III Swallow The Sun 2015
Stolen Life EP Arch Enemy 2015
The Puritan Nightrage 2015
Till the End Phinehas 2015
Venom Bullet For My Valentine 2015
A Decade Of Silence Reclaiming Elysium 2016
A Moment, a Place and a Reason Ivory 2016
Ages Unsung Chariots of the Gods 2016
Among Death's Shadow SpellBounD 2016
Atlas Fear Of Domination 2016
Atoma (Limited Edition) Dark Tranquillity 2016
Battles [Limited Edition] In Flames 2016
Burning Eden Flayst 2016
Darketype Subliminal Crusher 2016
Earthbound Bury Tomorrow 2016
Epitome Hailstone 2016
Escape From Leviathan Subliminal Fear 2016
Everlasting Any Given Day 2016
Fever Dream Cover Your Tracks 2016
Five The Agonist 2016
For The Darkening Shantak 2016
Gaia EP Affiance 2016
Grey Heavens Omnium Gatherum 2016
Here Lies The Truth Synthetic 2016
Honor Is Dead Wovenwar 2016
Hybris (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2016
In Death, We Are Legend Horde Of Draugar 2016
In Fury In Fury 2016
Into Inception Escape The Day 2016
Lust and Loathing The Unguided 2016
Manifesto Seasons After 2016
Memento Mori Aephanemer 2016
Metsutan - Songs of the Void Whispered 2016
Nordic Union (Japanese Edition) Nordic Union 2016
Proponent For Sentience Allegaeon 2016
Realms Of Odoric Suidakra 2016
Shadow Sleep Starkill 2016
Slayer Of Gods Brymir 2016
Structures For Creation Circle Of Contempt 2016
The Asylum Vortex 2016
The Distance That Made Us Cold Karnak Seti 2016
The Inward Expansion The Neologist 2016
The Lost Reveries Naberus 2016
Vessels Be'lakor 2016
War Eternal Tour Tokyo Sacrifice Arch Enemy 2016
Where Eden Once Lied Acicula 2016
Who We Are Vega 2016
Close To The Sun Place Vendome 2017
Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora Darkest Hour 2017
War Of Dragons Bloodbound 2017
World Of Silence MMXVII Borealis 2017


Melodic (мелодия) - это единогласная форма изложения музыкальной мысли. Специфической стороной мелодии является ее интонационный смысл, основу которого составляет мелодический интервал. Мелодия может самостоятельно и исчерпывающе воплощать самые разнообразные музыкальные образы. На ее основе со временем развилась многоголосная музыка, в которой она стала главным носителем музыкального содержания. Когда мелодия становится основой музыкального развития, более сложной, многоголосной музыки, и воплощает в себе ее существенные черты она превращается в тему. Последовательность мелодических интервалов в определенных строй тональных и ритмических условиях образует мелодичную линию. Изменение направления движения мелодических интервалов образует мелодические волны, которые имеют подъемы и спады. Мелодия создана для голоса, называется вокальной. Основные черты вокальной мелодии, сформировал под влиянием природных возможностей глоссу. Она имеет небольшой диапазон и звучный регистр. Ее мелодичная линия состоит из коротких мелодических волн. Прыжки в вокальной музыке редко превосходят актовый. Виспидное направление связано с усилением эмоционального напряжения, а не нижнем - с ее ослаблением. Известные исполнители нашего времени: Gotthard, Children Of Bodom, Kittie, Avantasia и др.



Музыкальные новости

Новый клип Канье Уэста вызвал ажиотаж в сети
Клип американского рэпера Канье Уэста "Famous" вызвал ажиотаж в сети и собрал много разговоров вокруг себя. Ролик..

Шакира побывала на чемпионате Евро 2016
Популярная колумбийская исполнительница Шакира вместе с сыновьями побывала на футбольном чемпионате Евро 2016...

Рита Ора госпитализирована
Напряженный рабочий график рано или поздно приводит к истощению организма, с чем столкнулась и известная певица..

Принц Гарри спел с Coldplay
Благодаря стараниям британского принца Гарри в Кенсингтонском дворце состоялось мероприятие, целью которого..

Свидание с Верой Брежневой было продано на аукционе за 25 тысяч долларов
Украинская певица Вера Брежнева присоединилась к благотворительной акции модели Лены Перминовой, которая направлена..

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Популярные исполнители

1.  Monatik
2.  Halsey
3.  Artik & Asti
4.  Король и Шут
5.  Melanie Martinez
6.  Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт (W.A. Mozart)
7.  Антитіла
8.  Bring Me The Horizon
9.  Егор Крид (KReeD)
10.  Twenty One Pilots

ТОП 10 сегодня

1.  t.A.T.u. - 200 km/h in The Wrong Lane
2.  Жанна Бичевская - Жанна Бичевская поет песни Иеромонаха Романа
3.  Татьяна Буланова - Мой сон (feat Dj ЦветкоFF)
4.  THE HARDKISS - Stones and Honey
5.  Dan Balan - Freedom Part 1
6.  Потап и Настя Каменских - Всё пучком
7.  ZippO - Незабываемо
8.  Our Last Night - Oak Island Pt.I [EP]
9.  Дмитрий Колдун - Город больших огней

ТОП 10 за месяц

1.  Monatik - Звучит
2.  Halsey - BADLANDS (Deluxe Edition)
3.  Artik & Asti - Здесь и сейчас
4.  Король и Шут - Лучшие песни
5.  Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)
6.  Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт (W.A. Mozart) - Mozart for Babies/Моцарт для детей 2CD
7.  Антитіла - Все красиво
8.  Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal
9.  Егор Крид (KReeD) - Холостяк
10.  Twenty One Pilots - Vessel

Новинки музыки

1.  Ас Вентура - Дикое поле
2.  Tubefreeks - The Dry Tide
3.  Regulus - Quadralith
4.  Lock Up - Demonization
5.  Jett Rebel - Super Pop
6.  Inner Prospekt - One of each One
7.  Amelia Curran - Watershed
8.  Within The Ruins - Halfway Human
9.  The Static Shift - Common Bliss
10.  The Encounter - Bad mood (Deluxe Edition)

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