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Alternative Музыка

Альбом в стиле "Alternative":



Movement New Order 1981
Power Corruption Lies New Order 1983
Dreamtime The Cult 1984
Hatful Of Hollow The Smiths 1984
Opium KMFDM 1984
The Smiths The Smiths 1984
Low Life New Order 1985
Meat Is Murder The Smiths 1985
Brotherhood New Order 1986
Licensed To Ill Beastie Boys 1986
The Queen Is Dead The Smiths 1986
What Do You Know, Deutschland? KMFDM 1986
Electric The Cult 1987
Goo Goo Dolls Goo Goo Dolls 1987
Louder Than Bombs The Smiths 1987
Strangeways, Here We Come The Smiths 1987
The Lion and the Cobra Sinead O'Connor 1987
The World Won't Listen The Smiths 1987
Don't Blow Your Top KMFDM 1988
Rank (live) The Smiths 1988
Bleach Nirvana 1989
Jed Goo Goo Dolls 1989
Jesus Urge Superstar Urge Overkill 1989
Paul's Boutique Beastie Boys 1989
Sonic Temple The Cult 1989
Technique New Order 1989
Паровоз-Анархия Монгол Шуудан 1989
1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Green Day 1990
Americruiser Urge Overkill 1990
Brother Aldo Chuck Prophet 1990
Hold Me Up Goo Goo Dolls 1990
I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got Sinead O'Connor 1990
Гуляй-Поле Монгол Шуудан 1990
Ceremony The Cult 1991
Gish The Smashing Pumpkins 1991
The Supersonic Storybook Urge Overkill 1991
Бандитский альбом Монгол Шуудан 1991
Танцуй на битом стекле Макс Фадеев 1991
Am I Not Your Girl? Sinead O'Connor 1992
Kerplunk Green Day 1992
Money KMFDM 1992
Stull EP Urge Overkill 1992
There and Back Again Vertical Horizon 1992
Черемуха Монгол Шуудан 1992
Angst KMFDM 1993
Balinese Dancer Chuck Prophet 1993
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? The Cranberries 1993
Republic New Order 1993
Saturation Urge Overkill 1993
Siamese Dream The Smashing Pumpkins 1993
Superstar Car Wash Goo Goo Dolls 1993
Собачья чушь Монгол Шуудан 1993
3 Songs You Haven't Heard Nothingface 1994
Braid Nothingface 1994
Dookie Green Day 1994
Grace Jeff Buckley 1994
Korn Korn 1994
No Need To Argue The Cranberries 1994
Pokinatcha MxPx 1994
Sour Ours 1994
Stuck Puddle of Mudd 1994
The Cult The Cult 1994
Universal Mother Sinead O'Connor 1994
Гомерический хохот Монгол Шуудан 1994
A Boy Named Goo Goo Goo Dolls 1995
Answer That And Stay Fashionable AFI 1995
Exit the Dragon Urge Overkill 1995
Feast Of Hearts Chuck Prophet 1995
Fungus Amongus Incubus 1995
Garbage Garbage 1995
Insomniac Green Day 1995
Letters from Chutney Finger Eleven 1995
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness The Smashing Pumpkins 1995
MTV Unplugged (Live) The Cranberries 1995
Nihil KMFDM 1995
Nothingface Nothingface 1995
Pacifier Demos Nothingface 1995
Pet Your Friends Dishwalla 1995
Running On Ice Vertical Horizon 1995
Teenage Politics MxPx 1995
The Bends Radiohead 1995
Wave Of Popular Feeling Groundswell 1995
What Was I Thinking Disciple 1995
Птахи Скрябін 1995
Чересчур Монгол Шуудан 1995
Beautiful Freak Eels 1996
Foot In Mouth Green Day 1996
Lemon Parade Tonic 1996
Life in General MxPx 1996
Life Is Peachy Korn 1996
Peep The Rasmus 1996
Placebo Placebo 1996
SKILLET Skillet 1996
The Beauty In Sinking Ships Kill Hannah 1996
To The Faithful Departed The Cranberries 1996
Tormented Staind 1996
Very Proud Of Ya AFI 1996
Xtort KMFDM 1996
Забави патріотів Мотор'ролла 1996
Истина Монгол Шуудан 1996
Alive Монгол Шуудан 1997
American Arrogance Flaw 1997
Good Feeling Travis 1997
Gospel Oak Sinead O'Connor 1997
Homemade Blood Chuck Prophet 1997
I Got The Wherewithal Theaudience 1997
In The Skin 36 Crazyfists 1997
Live Stages Vertical Horizon 1997
Midget Tossing Yellowcard 1997
My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy [EP] Disciple 1997
Nimrod Green Day 1997
Old Friends From Young Years Papa Roach 1997
Pacifier Nothingface 1997
Perpetual War (Demo) Diecast 1997
Playboys The Rasmus 1997
Proud Like A God Guano Apes 1997
S.C.I.E.N.C.E Incubus 1997
Saliva Saliva 1997
Sevendust Sevendust 1997
Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes AFI 1997
So Far... The Best Of Sinead O'Connor Sinead O'Connor 1997
Soil [EP] Soil 1997
Suffer Tree EP 36 Crazyfists 1997
Symbols KMFDM 1997
The Legend of Chin Switchfoot 1997
Tip Finger Eleven 1997
Казки Скрябін 1997
Мова риб Скрябін 1997
Не в фокусе Дельфин 1997
Ножницы Макс Фадеев 1997
Adore The Smashing Pumpkins 1998
An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity Nothingface 1998
And You Think You Know What Life's About Dishwalla 1998
Cold Cold 1998
Dizzy Up The Girl Goo Goo Dolls 1998
El Chupacabra! [EP] Soil 1998
Electro-Shock Blues Eels 1998
Flaw Flaw 1998
Follow The Leader + Bonus CD Korn 1998
Here Are The Young Moderns Kill Hannah 1998
If You Can't Do It When You're Young; When Can You Theaudience 1998
Lacuna Coil EP Lacuna coil 1998
Let It Happen MxPx 1998
Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk Jeff Buckley 1998
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo MxPx 1998
Something More Than Nothing Taproot 1998
System Of A Down System Of A Down 1998
That's What People Do Thousand Foot Krutch 1998
The Answers Blue October 1998
They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To... Hoobastank 1998
Undo the Wicked Diecast 1998
Version 2.0 Garbage 1998
Without You I'm Nothing Placebo 1998
Глубина резкости Дельфин 1998
Серый альбом Дельфин 1998
Танець пінгвіна Скрябін 1998
American Jet Set Kill Hannah 1999
New Way to Be Human Switchfoot 1999
Act Of Depression Underoath 1999
Adios KMFDM 1999
Amalgamation Trapt 1999
At The Show MxPx 1999
Black Sails in the Sunset AFI 1999
Bury The Hatchet The Cranberries 1999
Demo '99 36 Crazyfists 1999
Dysfunction Staind 1999
Edgewater Edgewater 1999
Everything You Want Vertical Horizon 1999
Home Sevendust 1999
In a Reverie Lacuna coil 1999
Independent Selt Titled Demo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 1999
Issues Korn 1999
Live and Enhanced Tonic 1999
Make Yourself Incubus 1999
Matthew Twenty Five Seventh Day Slumber 1999
Point #1 Chevelle 1999
Revolution Hypnogaja 1999
Showbiz Muse 1999
Smashed & Raped Korn 1999
Struggle Nonpoint 1999
Sugar Tonic 1999
The Hurting Business Chuck Prophet 1999
The Man Who Travis 1999
Throttle Junkies Soil 1999
Title Of Record Filter 1999
Upon Us Taproot 1999
Абрикосы Монгол Шуудан 1999
Еутерпа Скрябін 1999
Нега Макс Фадеев 1999
Птахи повернулись Скрябін 1999
Технофайт Скрябін 1999
Хробак Скрябін 1999
Machina / The Machines of God The Smashing Pumpkins 2000
13 Ways to Bleed on Stage Cold 2000
Acoustic (Promo CD) COLDPLAY 2000
Black Market Music Placebo 2000
Consent To Treatment Blue October 2000
Cries 0f The Past Underoath 2000
Daisies of the Galaxy Eels 2000
Don't Give Me Names Guano Apes 2000
Drama EP Flaw 2000
Faith and Courage Sinead O'Connor 2000
Gift Taproot 2000
Glimpse [EP] Trapt 2000
Good Charlotte Good Charlotte 2000
Halflife EP Lacuna coil 2000
Hybrid Theory Linkin Park 2000
I'll Wake You, When Spring Awakes EP Deadlock 2000
Infest Papa Roach 2000
INVINCIBLE Skillet 2000
Kornography Korn 2000
Learning to Breathe Switchfoot 2000
Machina II / The Friends and Enemies of Modern Mus The Smashing Pumpkins 2000
Mer de Noms A Perfect Circle 2000
Oh What A Beautiful Morning Eels 2000
One Minute Silence Sunna 2000
Origin Evanescence 2000
Parachutes COLDPLAY 2000
Rightside up Exilia 2000
Statement Nonpoint 2000
The Art of Drowning AFI 2000
The Better Life 3 Doors Down 2000
The Ever Passing Moment MxPx 2000
The Greyest of Blue Skies Finger Eleven 2000
The State NICKELBACK 2000
Thefakesoundofprogress Lostprophets 2000
Ultra Rare Traxx Korn 2000
United Phoenix 2000
Violence Nothingface 2000
Violence Demos Nothingface 2000
Warning Green Day 2000
Модна країна Скрябін 2000
Плавники Дельфин 2000
Я буду жить (Live) Дельфин 2000
Abrasive Puddle of Mudd 2001
ALIEN YOUTH Skillet 2001
Animosity Sevendust 2001
B.R.M.C Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2001
Beautiful Garbage Garbage 2001
Beyond Good And Evil The Cult 2001
Break The Cycle Staind 2001
By God Disciple 2001
Day of Reckoning Diecast 2001
Distorted Lullabies Ours 2001
Ego, Opinion, Art & Commerce Goo Goo Dolls 2001
Every Six Seconds Saliva 2001
Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty (EP) Atreyu 2001
Free All Angels Ash 2001
Freedom From Human Regulations Seventh Day Slumber 2001
Get Ready New Order 2001
Gorillaz Gorillaz 2001
Greatest Hits (Limited Edition) The Smashing Pumpkins 2001
Hell of a collection The Rasmus 2001
Hoobastank Hoobastank 2001
International Superhits! Green Day 2001
Into (special edition) The Rasmus 2001
Into The Half Moon 10 Years 2001
Lifter Edgewater 2001
Mercuric Element Eighty 2001
Morning View Incubus 2001
Origin Of Symmetry Muse 2001
Revolution Revolución Ill Nino 2001
Scars Soil 2001
Set It Off Thousand Foot Krutch 2001
Silver Side Up NICKELBACK 2001
Souljacker Eels 2001
The invisible band Travis 2001
Through The Eyes Flaw 2001
TOTAL: 1 Тотал 2001
Toxicity System Of A Down 2001
Turn The Pigeons Loose (Live) Chuck Prophet 2001
Unleashed Memories Lacuna coil 2001
Unplugged Incubus 2001
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee The Cranberries 2001
When Incubus Attacks, Vol 2 Incubus 2001
Демо графiчний вибух Тартак 2001
Дюжинолетие Монгол Шуудан 2001
Любимые песни фанатов Дельфина Дельфин 2001
Макс Фадеев. Звездная коллекция Макс Фадеев 2001
Скатертью дорога Монгол Шуудан 2001
Ткани Дельфин 2001
30 Seconds To Mars 30 Seconds To Mars 2002
A Rush of Blood to the Head COLDPLAY 2002
A Story In White Aereogramme 2002
Animalизм Animal ДжаZ 2002
Attak KMFDM 2002
Away From The Sun 3 Doors Down 2002
Back Into Your System Saliva 2002
Bitterness The Star 36 Crazyfists 2002
Choisis de... Монгол Шуудан 2002
Comalies Lacuna coil 2002
Come Clean Puddle of Mudd 2002
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter 2002
Development Nonpoint 2002
Devil is a girl Lab 2002
Does This Look Infected Sum 41 2002
Electro-Shock Blues Show Eels 2002
Gutterflower Goo Goo Dolls 2002
Head on Straight Tonic 2002
Headspace Pulse Ultra 2002
Healing is Difficult Sia 2002
Hullabaloo - Limited Edition (2CD) Muse 2002
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love My Chemical Romance 2002
In the End (Live & Rare) Linkin Park 2002
Letting Go Earshot 2002
lovehatetragedy Papa Roach 2002
Maximum System Of A Down System Of A Down 2002
MTV Unplugged (DVD) Staind 2002
No Other Love Chuck Prophet 2002
Opaline Dishwalla 2002
Post-Hypnotic Stress Disorder Hypnogaja 2002
Precious Ours 2002
Reanimation Linkin Park 2002
Saturate Breaking Benjamin 2002
Sean-Nos Nua Sinead O'Connor 2002
Shenanigans Green Day 2002
Skeletons Demo Sessions Nothingface 2002
Sprite 'Жажда Успеха 7000$ 2002
Steal This Album! System Of A Down 2002
Storaged Melodies System Of A Down 2002
Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses Atreyu 2002
Ten Years And Running MxPx 2002
The Amalgamut Filter 2002
The Arrival Deadlock 2002
The Best Of 1992-2002 The Cranberries 2002
The Lonely Position Of Neutral Trust Company 2002
The Young And The Hopeless Good Charlotte 2002
TOTAL: 1 Plus Тотал 2002
Trapt Trapt 2002
Underground 2.0 Linkin Park 2002
Untitled (EP) Hoobastank 2002
Untouchables Korn 2002
Welcome Taproot 2002
Wonder What's Next Chevelle 2002
К.А.М.А.-3 Дельфин 2002
Озимі люди Скрябін 2002
ОранджаZ (Live) Animal ДжаZ 2002
Путеводитель по Русскому Року Монгол Шуудан 2002
Свобода или смерть Монгол Шуудан 2002
Стриптиз Скрябін 2002
Ты 7000$ 2002
Back Again Disciple 2003
The Beautiful Letdown Switchfoot 2003
12 memories Travis 2003
14 Shades of Grey Staind 2003
24 Shots 50 Cent 2003
Absolution Muse 2003
Another 700 Miles 3 Doors Down 2003
Before Everything and After MxPx 2003
Blueprints For The Black Market Anberlin 2003
Confession Ill Nino 2003
Element Eighty Element Eighty 2003
Fallen Evanescence 2003
Far From Close Hinder 2003
Fik'shen 32 leaves 2003
Finger Eleven Finger Eleven 2003
For Never & Ever Kill Hannah 2003
Go Vertical Horizon 2003
History for Sale Blue October 2003
I Killed The Prom Queen And Parkway Drive [Split] Parkway Drive 2003
Inertia The Exies 2003
Kill Switch Hypnogaja 2003
Leave a Whisper Shinedown 2003
Life on display Puddle of Mudd 2003
Live Guano Apes 2003
Live 2003 COLDPLAY 2003
Live at Sin-é Jeff Buckley 2003
Live From The Road Chevelle 2003
Live...Greetings from the Flow Dishwalla 2003
Meteora Linkin Park 2003
Phenomenon Thousand Foot Krutch 2003
Picking Up the Pieces Seventh Day Slumber 2003
Pride [EP] Soil 2003
Rare Tracks Korn 2003
Seasons Sevendust 2003
She who dwells In The Secret Place Of The Most Hig Sinead O'Connor 2003
Shootenanny! Eels 2003
Sing the Sorrow AFI 2003
Skeletons Nothingface 2003
Sleep And Release Aereogramme 2003
Sleeping with Placebo 2003
Slot 1 Слот 2003
Smile Empty Soul Smile Empty Soul 2003
Take a Look in the Mirror Korn 2003
Take Them On, On Your Own Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2003
The Long Road NICKELBACK 2003
The Reason Hoobastank 2003
Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle 2003
Three Days Grace Three Days Grace 2003
Underdog EP Exilia 2003
Underground 3.0 Linkin Park 2003
Walking On A Thin Line Guano Apes 2003
Want One Rufus Wainwright 2003
What We've Built [Split] Parkway Drive 2003
XLam 7000$ 2003
Year of the Spider Cold 2003
Вечно Прячется Судьба Amatory 2003
Жертва Монгол Шуудан 2003
Натура Скрябін 2003
Система нервів Тартак 2003
2004 - Planet Of The Apes (Best Of...) Guano Apes 2004
A Crow Left Of The Murder Incubus 2004
A Fire Inside AFI 2004
A Snow Capped Romance 36 Crazyfists 2004
Age Of Miracles Chuck Prophet 2004
Alphabetical Phoenix 2004
American Idiot (2CD) Green Day 2004
Anxiety (Re-Issue) Smile Empty Soul 2004
Anywhere but home Evanescence 2004
Argue With a Tree Blue October 2004
Babylon Skindred 2004
Chuck Sum 41 2004
Collision Course (feat. Jay-Z) Linkin Park 2004
Crashings Falling Up 2004
Don't Close Your Eyes [EP] Parkway Drive 2004
eMOTIVe A Perfect Circle 2004
Endangered Species Flaw 2004
Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach 2004
Grace (bonus disc: Legacy Edition bonus) Jeff Buckley 2004
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Korn 2004
Head for the Door The Exies 2004
Hot Fuss THE KILLERS 2004
Killing All That Holds You 10 Years 2004
Live In Buffalo July 4th, 2004 Goo Goo Dolls 2004
Once More With Feeling (Singles 1996-2004) Placebo 2004
Point of Origin There For Tomorrow 2004
Recoil Nonpoint 2004
Redefine Soil 2004
Revelation Theory Rev Theory 2004
Seclusion Aereogramme 2004
Set it Off [Remastered Edition] Thousand Foot Krutch 2004
Singles [Compilation] Travis 2004
South of Sideways Edgewater 2004
Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live Sevendust 2004
Start Something Lostprophets 2004
Stop Playing God Exilia 2004
Summer Of Darkness Demon Hunter 2004
Survival of the Sickest Saliva 2004
Tearing Down Your Blue Skies Diecast 2004
The Best Animal ДжаZ 2004
The Chronicles Of Life And Death Good Charlotte 2004
The Curse Atreyu 2004
The Curse (Instrumental) Atreyu 2004
The Curse Of Kill Hannah: 1996-1998 Kill Hannah 2004
The Phamily [EP] Family Force 5 2004
They're Only Chasing Safety Underoath 2004
This Might Sting A Little [Re-release] Disciple 2004
This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) Chevelle 2004
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge My Chemical Romance 2004
To The 5 Boroughs Beastie Boys 2004
Two Earshot 2004
Underground 4.0 Linkin Park 2004
Unleashed Limited Edition Exilia 2004
Want Two Rufus Wainwright 2004
War Of The Roses Pop Evil 2004
Watch Them Fall Katie Herzig 2004
We Are Not Alone Breaking Benjamin 2004
We've Been Holding Back EP Our Last Night 2004
Две Жизни Amatory 2004
Запись концерта 19.11.04. Дельфин 2004
Звезда Дельфин 2004
Конвейер Снов Stigmata 2004
Музичний лист щастя Тартак 2004
Не в фокусе (Переиздание) Дельфин 2004
Сплошь и рядом Монгол Шуудан 2004
Стереолюбовь Animal ДжаZ 2004
1й Комерційний Тартак 2005
A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds To Mars 2005
A Different Kind of Pain Cold 2005
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Panic! At The Disco 2005
All The Right Reasons NICKELBACK 2005
All We Know Is Falling Paramore 2005
B-Sides & Rarities Deftones 2005
Below Sunset Hypnogaja 2005
Best Of (Chapter One 1997-2004) Sevendust 2005
Bleed Like Me Garbage 2005
Blinking Lights and Other Revelations Eels 2005
Blue-Sky Research Taproot 2005
Building Cities From Scratch Our Last Night 2005
Bullet In A Bible Green Day 2005
Can't Break Me Down Exilia 2005
Chapter V Staind 2005
Collaborations Falling Up 2005
Dawn Escapes Falling Up 2005
Demon Days Gorillaz 2005
Dishwalla Dishwalla 2005
Earth.Revolt Deadlock 2005
Egypt Central Egypt Central 2005
Extreme Behavior (Deluxe Edition) Hinder 2005
Family Force 5 Family Force 5 2005
Flyleaf Flyleaf 2005
Go 2.0 Vertical Horizon 2005
Hau Ruck KMFDM 2005
Hide From The Sun The Rasmus 2005
How to Save a Life The Fray 2005
Howl Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2005
Hypnotize System Of A Down 2005
Killing With A Smile Parkway Drive 2005
Live And Murderous In Chicago (DVD) Papa Roach 2005
Live From The Inside Shinedown 2005
Mezmerize System Of A Down 2005
Never Take Friendship Personal Anberlin 2005
Next Sevendust 2005
Nothing Is Sound (Japan Edition) Switchfoot 2005
Once Upon a Shattered Life Seventh Day Slumber 2005
One Nation Underground Ill Nino 2005
Panic MxPx 2005
Revolution EP Anew Revolution 2005
See You On The Other Side + Bonus CD Korn 2005
Seventeen Days 3 Doors Down 2005
Solid Gold Hits Beastie Boys 2005
Someone In Control Trapt 2005
Striking a Familiar Chord Puddle of Mudd 2005
The All Star Sessions Roadrunner United 2005
The Art of Breaking Thousand Foot Krutch 2005
The Autumn Effect 10 Years 2005
The Bear Element Eighty 2005
The EPs Lacuna coil 2005
The Rising Tied Fort Minor 2005
Throw Down Your Arms Sinead O'Connor 2005
To the Pain Nonpoint 2005
True Parallels Trust Company 2005
Truth Is Currency Rev Theory 2005
Underground 5.0 Linkin Park 2005
Unplugged Animal ДжаZ 2005
Us And Them Shinedown 2005
Waiting For The Sirens Call New Order 2005
We The People Flipsyde 2005
Wellcome To The Fall 32 leaves 2005
Where Do We Go From Here [Limited Edition] Pillar 2005
Where Heaven Ends Lab 2005
X&Y (2 CD Special Edition) COLDPLAY 2005
Больше Чем Любовь Stigmata 2005
Вечная мерзлота Монгол Шуудан 2005
Неизбежность Amatory 2005
Танго Скрябін 2005
Тартак – Гуляйгород Тартак 2005
Ти живий Димна Суміш 2005
Хевибаксопопс 7000$ 2005
Я С.А.М.О.Т.А niagAra 2005
2 Войны Слот 2006
A Death Grip On Yesterday Atreyu 2006
A Death Grip On Yesterday (Instrumental) Atreyu 2006
Black Holes And Revelations Muse 2006
Chopped, Screwed, Live & Unglued Korn 2006
COMATOSE: Deluxe Edition Skillet 2006
Decemberunderground AFI 2006
Define The Great Line Underoath 2006
Disciple [Special Edition] Disciple 2006
Don't Close Your Eyes [EP] [Reissue] Parkway Drive 2006
Eels with Strings: Live at Town Hall Eels 2006
End Of Grey Decyfer Down 2006
Every Man For Himself Hoobastank 2006
Fears in the water The Vincent Black Shadow 2006
Foiled Blue October 2006
Greatest Hits Green Day 2006
Internal Revolution Diecast 2006
It's Never Been Like That Phoenix 2006
Karmacode Lacuna coil 2006
Let Love In Goo Goo Dolls 2006
Lets Rock MxPx 2006
Liberation Transmission Lostprophets 2006
Life on the Murder Scene [DVD Edition] My Chemical Romance 2006
Light Grenades Incubus 2006
Live & Rare Korn 2006
Live and Kicking Nonpoint 2006
Live at La Cigale Placebo 2006
Live Session EP Panic! At The Disco 2006
Lost (T)apes Guano Apes 2006
Manga Manga 2006
Meds (2CD) Placebo 2006
Nobody Excluded Exilia 2006
Oh! Gravity. Switchfoot 2006
One-X Three Days Grace 2006
Phobia Breaking Benjamin 2006
Placebo (10th Anniversary Collectors Edition) Placebo 2006
Rest Inside The Flames 36 Crazyfists 2006
Rock Am Ring Korn 2006
Saturday Night Wrist Deftones 2006
The Black Parade My Chemical Romance 2006
The Late Great Snowball Fight of 2006 MxPx 2006
The Melody And The Energetic Nature Of Volume Evans Blue 2006
The open door Evanescence 2006
The Paramour Sessions Papa Roach 2006
The Singles 1996-2006 Staind 2006
The Triptych (Special Edition) Demon Hunter 2006
TOTAL: 2 (Мой мир) Тотал 2006
True Self Soil 2006
Underground 6.0 Linkin Park 2006
Unplugged. Part II: Raritets Animal ДжаZ 2006
Until There's Nothing Left of Us Kill Hannah 2006
Until There's Nothing Left Of Us (Instrumentals Pr Kill Hannah 2006
Vultures Smile Empty Soul 2006
We're not Robots... Edgewater 2006
Your Rain Exilia 2006
Гламур Скрябін 2006
Дискомалярия (Большая порция) Серега 2006
Закліпані пісні, або Бачили очі що купували Тартак 2006
Книга Мертвых Amatory 2006
Сльози та соплі Тартак 2006
Собственность - это кража Монгол Шуудан 2006
Шаг Вдох Animal ДжаZ 2006
1:0 в пользу осени Animal ДжаZ 2007
A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth The Exies 2007
Absolute Garbage 2CD Garbage 2007
Alpha Sevendust 2007
Are You Listening? Dolores O'Riordan 2007
Baby 81 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2007
Blood Stained Love Story Saliva 2007
Born Into This The Cult 2007
Business Up Front, Party In The Back Family Force 5 2007
Captiva Falling Up 2007
Cities Anberlin 2007
Dreaming Out Loud OneRepublic 2007
Dreaming Waylon's Dreams Chuck Prophet 2007
Exclusive Session Placebo 2007
Extended Play '07 Placebo 2007
Famous Puddle of Mudd 2007
Fever (CDM) Sandra Nasic 2007
Finally Awake Special Edition Seventh Day Slumber 2007
Foiled For The Last Time [reissue]+[live] Blue October 2007
Good Morning Revival Good Charlotte 2007
Great Vengeance And Furious Fire The Heavy 2007
Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles Goo Goo Dolls 2007
Hope for the Hopeless Kill Hannah 2007
Horizons Parkway Drive 2007
I Heard A Voice (LIVE) AFI 2007
In Rainbows Radiohead 2007
Instrumentals 30 Seconds To Mars 2007
Kerplunk (Remastered) Green Day 2007
Live! Trapt 2007
Look Alive [Bonus CD] Incubus 2007
Lost Songs Anberlin 2007
Minutes to Midnight Linkin Park 2007
MTV Unplugged Korn 2007
My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go Aereogramme 2007
Pages EP There For Tomorrow 2007
Retrospective 2 Sevendust 2007
Riot! Paramore 2007
Roots Rock Riot Skindred 2007
Scars Remain [Special Edition] Disciple 2007
Secret Weapon MxPx 2007
So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley 2007
Soap And Water Chuck Prophet 2007
Stand (as Breaking The Silence) The Letter Black 2007
Stigmata Stigmata 2007
Storm The Gates Of Hell (Deluxe Edition) Demon Hunter 2007
The Best Of Atreyu Atreyu 2007
The Boy With No Name Travis 2007
The Eyes of Tomorrow Broken Iris 2007
The Flame in All of Us Thousand Foot Krutch 2007
The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack Sixx.A.M. 2007
The Mix-Up Beastie Boys 2007
The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends Evans Blue 2007
The Signal Sandra Nasic 2007
Them vs. You vs. Me Finger Eleven 2007
Theology Sinead O'Connor 2007
Tohuvabohu KMFDM 2007
TOTAL: 2+ (Live) Тотал 2007
TRUE или ТРУП 7000$ 2007
Underground 7.0 Linkin Park 2007
Unplugged Melody Evans Blue 2007
Untitled Korn 2007
Us-vs-Then-vs-Now Finger Eleven 2007
Vena Sera Chevelle 2007
Vengeance Nonpoint 2007
Wolves (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2007
Zeitgeist The Smashing Pumpkins 2007
Брать живьём (Live) Дельфин 2007
Две войны (переиздание с Nookie) Слот 2007
Для тєх кто в путі Тартак 2007
Зверский джаз Animal ДжаZ 2007
Про любов? Скрябін 2007
Тринити Слот 2007
Юность Дельфин 2007
Greatest Hits Volume Two: B-sides & Rarities Goo Goo Dolls 2008
...Live in Chicago Panic! At The Disco 2008
3 Doors Down 3 Doors Down 2008
45 Days Demon Hunter 2008
Anthems For The Damned Filter 2008
Anywhere I Lay My Head Scarlett Johansson 2008
B-Sides (EP) Smile Empty Soul 2008
Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow Sevendust 2008
Dance Or Die Family Force 5 2008
Daughtry (US Deluxe Edition) Daughtry 2008
Division 10 Years 2008
El Monstruo The Vincent Black Shadow 2008
Enigma Ill Nino 2008
Gold The Cranberries 2008
Greatest Hits COLDPLAY 2008
Greatest Hits Morrissey 2008
Greatest Hits Muse 2008
Greatest Hits System Of A Down 2008
Introducing... Panic At The Disco EP Panic! At The Disco 2008
Itunes Originals Staind 2008
Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2.0 Atreyu 2008
Light It Up Rev Theory 2008
Live Is Beautiful Sixx.A.M. 2008
Lost In The Sound Of Separation Underoath 2008
Manifesto (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2008
Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy) Ours 2008
New Surrender Anberlin 2008
No Light (EP) The Naked And Famous 2008
Ode to J. Smith Travis 2008
Only Through The Pain Trapt 2008
Our Long Road Home Taproot 2008
Pretty. Odd. Panic! At The Disco 2008
Remixes For The Damned Filter 2008
Rescatame Seventh Day Slumber 2008
Rise Anew Revolution 2008
Saving Abel Saving Abel 2008
Scars on Broadway Scars on Broadway 2008
Season of Poison Shiny Toy Guns 2008
Southern Hospitality Disciple 2008
Swan Songs Hollywood Undead 2008
Take It to the Limit (Deluxe Edition) Hinder 2008
The Best Yet Switchfoot 2008
The Effects Of 333 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2008
The Final Riot! (Live) Paramore 2008
The Ghosts Among Us Our Last Night 2008
The Illusion Of Progress Staind 2008
The Long Now Children Collide 2008
The Oculus 36 Crazyfists 2008
The Silver Lining Earshot 2008
The Tide and Its Takers 36 Crazyfists 2008
There For Tomorrow EP There For Tomorrow 2008
These Things Take Time Molly Nilsson 2008
This Machine The Naked And Famous 2008
Underground 8.0 Linkin Park 2008
Until There's Nothing Left of Us (UK Edition) Kill Hannah 2008
VII Amatory 2008
В країні ілюзій Димна Суміш 2008
The MySpace Transmissions Eels 2009
21th Century Breakdown Green Day 2009
4ever Слот 2009
A Casual Affair: The Best of Tonic Tonic 2009
A Dream Is A Question You Don' Jonny Craig 2009
A Little Faster There For Tomorrow 2009
A Summit Borderline/A Drop Oceanic Parabelle 2009
Acoustic Live from the Gibson Lounge Rev Theory 2009
All For This Ben Moody 2009
All The Plans (Deluxe Edition) Starsailor 2009
Alter The Ending (2CD) Dashboard Confessional 2009
Amnesiac (Collector's Edition) Radiohead 2009
Anywhere But Here Mayday Parade 2009
Approaching Normal Blue October 2009
Arm Yourself BulletProof Messenger 2009
Autumn Heart SONSOFDAY 2009
B-sides (2CD) Garbage 2009
Backspacer Pearl Jam 2009
Battle For The Sun (Deluxe Edition) Placebo 2009
Best 1999-2009 Друга Ріка 2009
Best Of 2001-2009 The Rasmus 2009
Black Swan (Deluxe Edition) Athlete 2009
Bleeding To The Circle Star Assassin 2009
Blitz KMFDM 2009
Brand New Eyes Paramore 2009
Break Through The Silence Monty Are I 2009
Bright Nights Dark Days Cavo 2009
Burning The Days Vertical Horizon 2009
Catacombs Cass McCombs 2009
Cheap Tricks and Theatrics Get Scared 2009
Christmas Pageant Family Force 5 2009
Conditions The Temper Trap 2009
Conditions (Tour Edition) The Temper Trap 2009
Confessions Pillar 2009
Congregation of the Damned Atreyu 2009
Cosmic Egg (deluxe edition) Wolfmother 2009
Crash Decyfer Down 2009
Crash Love AFI 2009
Daisy Brand New 2009
Dance Or Die With A Vengeance (Remix Album) Family Force 5 2009
Dead Mans Bones Dead Mans Bones 2009
Dear Agony Breaking Benjamin 2009
Dear Future, Come Get Me The Fold 2009
Deep Cuts (ep) A Perfect Circle 2009
Europa Molly Nilsson 2009
Everything Is New Jack Peñate 2009
Fader The Temper Trap 2009
Fangs! Falling Up 2009
For(n)ever Hoobastank 2009
Friendly Fires (Deluxe Edition) Friendly Fires 2009
Full Circle Creed 2009
Ghost Party Scott Orr 2009
Grace Around The World Jeff Buckley 2009
Greatest Hits Foo Fighters 2009
Hail To The Thief (Collector's Edition) Radiohead 2009
Hello Hurricane Switchfoot 2009
Herald Moth InMe 2009
Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire Eels 2009
Home Grown Studio Sessions Flaw 2009
Horehound The Dead Weather 2009
In Search Of Solid Ground Saosin 2009
Insects Breed 77 2009
Jason Walker Jason Walker 2009
Keep The Secret Alive [EP] Family Force 5 2009
Keeping Secrets Skye 2009
Kid A (Collector's Edition) Radiohead 2009
Let Freedom Ring Chuck Prophet 2009
Let It Beat Shwayze 2009
Let's Build Something To Break After Midnight Project 2009
Light 7000$ 2009
Live Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2009
Live At iTunes Festival Placebo 2009
Live at Reading Nirvana 2009
Live From The Royal Albert Hall THE KILLERS 2009
Live In Nashville Demon Hunter 2009
Memento Mori Flyleaf 2009
Midwinter Graces TORI AMOS 2009
Monster Monster The Almost 2009
Monuments And Melodies (Greatest Hits) Incubus 2009
My Own Army Exilia 2009
My Way Ian Brown 2009
Never Cry Another Tear Bad Lieutenant 2009
No Baggage Dolores O'Riordan 2009
No More Stories... Mew 2009
Nothingface Remastered Nothingface 2009
Only Revolutions Biffy Clyro 2009
Out Of Ashes Dead By Sunrise 2009
Ovations Piano Magic 2009
Panik Panik 2009
Panoramic 32 leaves 2009
Picture Perfect Soil 2009
Playlist Your Way Bloodhound Gang 2009
Raditude (2CD) Weezer 2009
Reach For The Sun The Dangerous Summer 2009
Reckoning (Deluxe Edition) R.E.M. 2009
Rocks Into Rivers Seabird 2009
Save Me San Francisco Train 2009
Say Anything Say Anything 2009
Scars And Souvenirs Theory of a Deadman 2009
Sehr i Huzun Manga 2009
Shallow Life Lacuna coil 2009
Shark Bites and Dog Fights Skindred 2009
Side Effects Of You Joan Red 2009
Slice Five For Fighting 2009
Slipknot (10th Anniversary Edition) Slipknot 2009
Smashes And Trashes Skunk Anansie 2009
Sound The Alarm Howie Day 2009
Steady Damage Fit for Rivals 2009
Storyboards Sleeping At Last 2009
Swords Morrissey 2009
Take Everything Seventh Day Slumber 2009
Take Everything (The Acoustic Sessions) EP Seventh Day Slumber 2009
Terra Incognita Juliette Lewis 2009
The Collection Mike Oldfield 2009
The Darker Instinct tAKiDA 2009
The Fountain Echo and The Bunnymen 2009
The Fray The Fray 2009
The Greatest Hits Hoobastank 2009
The High End Of Low Marilyn Manson 2009
The House That Dirt Built The Heavy 2009
The House That Dirt Built (Instrumentals) The Heavy 2009
The Malevolence Of Mando Diao Mando Diao 2009
The Resistance Muse 2009
The Stone Roses 20th Anniversa The Stone Roses 2009
The Very Best Things (1995-2008) Filter 2009
This Is War 30 Seconds To Mars 2009
Tour Of The Universe (08.06.2009, Leipzig) DEPECHE MODE 2009
Truth Decay Hypnogaja 2009
Two Minute Terror Sunna 2009
Underground 9.0 (Demos) Linkin Park 2009
Ursa Major Third Eye Blind 2009
Vivarium Twin Atlantic 2009
Volume 4 Songs In The Key of Love and Hate Puddle of Mudd 2009
Wake Up The Sleepers Kill Hannah 2009
Waking Up OneRepublic 2009
Welcome To The Masquerade Thousand Foot Krutch 2009
Where My Christmas Lives 3 Doors Down 2009
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Phoenix 2009
Yesterday's Gone Burning Borders 2009
You Can't Take It With You As Tall As Lions 2009
Димна суміш Димна Суміш 2009
КиСЛОТа — 1 капля Слот 2009
Моя eволюція Скрябін 2009
Рецепт Крихiтка Цахес 2009
Эгоист Animal ДжаZ 2009
Remember To Live Flyleaf 2010
Ø (Disambiguation) [Limited Edition] Underoath 2010
15. Live. Project 86 2010
A Thousand Suns Linkin Park 2010
AB III Alter Bridge 2010
Alive Ed Kowalczyk 2010
All American Nightmare Hinder 2010
Asylum [Deluxe Edition] Disturbed 2010
Awake Nick Black 2010
Beat The Devil's Tattoo Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2010
Big Teeth Feeder 2010
Cardiology Good Charlotte 2010
Cold Day Memeory Sevendust 2010
Conditions (Remixed) The Temper Trap 2010
Covers of the Damned [EP] Atreyu 2010
Cryoshell Cryoshell 2010
Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjo My Chemical Romance 2010
Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place Anberlin 2010
Dead New World Ill Nino 2010
Deadly Life In Electric 2010
Deep Blue Parkway Drive 2010
Drowning Pool Drowning Pool 2010
Eleven Reamonn 2010
End Times Eels 2010
EPIC: The Bands. The Tracks. The Anthems VA 2010
Evans Blue Evans Blue 2010
Evermore Evermore 2010
Feeding The Wolves 10 Years 2010
Fight Or Flight Emily Osment 2010
Flamingo [deluxe Edition] Brandon Flowers 2010
Follow The Light Molly Nilsson 2010
Grinderman 2 Grinderman 2010
Hanging On By A Thread The Letter Black 2010
How You Like Me Now EP The Heavy 2010
Hurley (Deluxe Edition) Weezer 2010
iMerica Anew Revolution 2010
Is This The Day Hoobastank 2010
iTunes Session Skillet 2010
Korn III: Remember Who You Are Korn 2010
Leave This Town The B-Sides Daughtry 2010
Let Loose The Horses The Rescues 2010
Life Turns Electric Finger Eleven 2010
Light Me Up The Pretty Reckless 2010
Live In London Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2010
Lonely Revolutions Biffy Clyro 2010
LP Underground X: Demos Linkin Park 2010
Ma Référence Jena Lee 2010
Miracle Nonpoint 2010
Miss America Saving Abel 2010
Moving Foward In Reverse Saliva 2010
Naked Exilia 2010
New Politics New Politics 2010
Nobody’s Daughter Hole 2010
Our Future Your Clutter The Fall 2010
Out Of Our Minds Melissa Auf der Maur 2010
Passive Me, Agressive You The Naked And Famous 2010
Plastic Beach Gorillaz 2010
Plead The Fifth Taproot 2010
Pop Songs and Death, Vol 2 The Jupiter Wheatus 2010
Postcards from a Young Man Deluxe Manic Street Preachers 2010
Rare, demos & unreleased Димна Суміш 2010
RE:Creations EP There For Tomorrow 2010
Reassembling the Icons Parabelle 2010
Record In a Bag Hollerado 2010
Red Box Die Happy 2010
Red Light Fever Taylor Hawkins And The Coattai 2010
Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice HIM 2010
Sea of Cowards The Dead Weather 2010
Self Titled Pete Yorn 2010
Set The World On Fire Dangerous New Machine 2010
Shine On Dexter Freebish 2010
Show Us Your Hits Bloodhound Gang 2010
Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots 2010
Survival Story Flobots 2010
Tear The World Down We Are The Fallen 2010
The Best Of Papa Roach: To Be Loved Papa Roach 2010
The Best Of… Слот 2010
The Betrayed Lostprophets 2010
The Collection (5CD) Rage Against The Machine 2010
The Early Years Skillet 2010
The Fall Gorillaz 2010
The Oracle Godsmack 2010
The Original Broadway Cast Recording American Idio Green Day 2010
The Sickness Disturbed 2010
The Sound Of Madness Shinedown 2010
The Trouble With Angels Filter 2010
The World Is A Thorn (Deluxe Edition) Demon Hunter 2010
Theory of Everything Children Collide 2010
Through Yourself and Back Again Thriving Ivory 2010
Tiger Suit KT Tunstall 2010
Time For Annihilation Papa Roach 2010
Tonic Tonic 2010
Two Strangers Black Lab 2010
Under Control Cary Brothers 2010
Underground X Linkin Park 2010
We're Here Because We're Here Anathema 2010
Wonderlustre Skunk Anansie 2010
Андріївський Unplugged Скрябін 2010
Без ГМО EP -deTach- 2010
Инстинкт Обречённых Amatory 2010
Мечты (EP) Amusant Antenna 2010
Назбиралось на 2010 Тартак 2010
Опір Матеріалів Тартак 2010
Последний альбом Noize MC 2010
Скрябін Dance Скрябін 2010
7 Sixx.A.M. 2011
A Decade of Hope Seventh Day Slumber 2011
A Thousand Suns: Puerta De Alcalá Linkin Park 2011
Adult Contemporary Casey Spooner 2011
Alchemy Vol. 1 Poets Of The Fall 2011
American Tragedy Hollywood Undead 2011
Anna Calvi Anna Calvi 2011
Any Man In America Blue October 2011
B Sides 1996-2006 Placebo 2011
Bel Air Guano Apes 2011
Best Kind of Mess Get Scared 2011
Bizarro World (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2011
Blouse Blouse 2011
Blow Me Away Syn City Cowboys 2011
Break The Code Слот 2011
Break The Spell [Deluxe Edition] Daughtry 2011
Cheap Tricks and Theatrics B-Sides Get Scared 2011
Collapse Into Now R.E.M. 2011
Covers Deftones 2011
Crazy Clown Time David Lynch 2011
Directors Cut Collectors Edition Kate Bush 2011
Dreaming In Black and White Trust Company 2011
Dum Spiro Spero Dir En Grey 2011
Endgame Rise Against 2011
Essential Sinead O'Connor 2011
Evanescence Evanescence 2011
Evanescence [Deluxe Edition] Evanescence 2011
F5 Слот 2011
Fallen Empires Snow Patrol 2011
Give The Drummer Some Travis Barker 2011
Hats Off to the Bull Chevelle 2011
Here and Now NICKELBACK 2011
History Molly Nilsson 2011
Hits From Yesterday And The Day Before Barenaked Ladies 2011
Horrible Kids Set It Off 2011
I've Failed You Kittie 2011
Icon No Doubt 2011
If Not Now, When ? Incubus 2011
III Family Force 5 2011
Iron EP Woodkid 2011
Is For Karaoke Relient K 2011
iTunes Live EP Panic! At The Disco 2011
iTunes Live from SoHo Incubus 2011
Justice Rev Theory 2011
Let England Shake PJ Harvey 2011
Light Me Up (reedit) The Pretty Reckless 2011
Lipstick on the Mirror Pop Evil 2011
Live At The Masquerade Thousand Foot Krutch 2011
Live On Ten Legs Pearl Jam 2011
Love: Part Two Angels & Airwaves 2011
Money And Celebrity (Deluxe Edition) The Subways 2011
MTV Unplugged 30 Seconds To Mars 2011
Mylo Xyloto COLDPLAY 2011
National Treasures (The Complete Singles) Manic Street Preachers 2011
Neighborhoods [Deluxe Edition] Blink-182 2011
Night Of Hunters TORI AMOS 2011
Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds Noel Gallagher 2011
Pala Friendly Fires 2011
Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011 R.E.M. 2011
Punk Is Dead Vanilla Sky 2011
Re:(Disc)overed Puddle of Mudd 2011
Return To Santa Monica Everclear 2011
Ritual White Lies 2011
Rock & Roll Submarine Urge Overkill 2011
Scripted Icon For Hire 2011
Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin Breaking Benjamin 2011
Shotgun (Single) Limp Bizkit 2011
Sinners Never Sleep You Me At Six 2011
Somewhere In The Stratosphere (Live 2CD) Shinedown 2011
Songbook Chris Cornell 2011
Staind Staind 2011
Stronger Dead By April 2011
Superfiction Cold 2011
Surrender the Sun NOCTURA 2011
Sweeter Gavin DeGraw 2011
Taking Back Sunday Taking Back Sunday 2011
The Anthem of Angels Seventh Day Slumber 2011
The Black Belles The Black Belles 2011
The King of Limbs Radiohead 2011
The Lost Children Disturbed 2011
The Moon And You Shona Foster 2011
The Path Of Totality (Special Edition) Korn 2011
The Sea of Memories Bush 2011
The Singles Collection 2001-2011 Gorillaz 2011
The Verge There For Tomorrow 2011
These Electric Pages Have Been Unplugged Parabelle 2011
This Is Christmas Kutless 2011
This Is Gonna Hurt Sixx.A.M. 2011
Time Of My Life 3 Doors Down 2011
Underground 11 Linkin Park 2011
Union Black Skindred 2011
Unplugged Black Lab 2011
Until We Have Faces RED 2011
Veronica Falls Veronica Falls 2011
Vice Verses Switchfoot 2011
Vices & Virtues Panic! At The Disco 2011
Vices & Virtues (Deluxe Edition) Panic! At The Disco 2011
Violent Sky Lisa Miskovsky 2011
War of Angels Pop Evil 2011
Wasting Light Foo Fighters 2011
We Come In Pieces Placebo 2011
We Once Were Rush of Fools 2011
When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes Yellowcard 2011
White Rabbit Egypt Central 2011
Wild Blessed Freedom Carolina Liar 2011
With Shivering Hearts We Wait Blindside 2011
World War III Madina Lake 2011
You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember Ben Moody 2011
Your Sparkling Death Cometh Falling Up 2011
Zorge Zorge 2011
Вперед! 7000$ 2011
Естественный отбор Монгол Шуудан 2011
Новые Кирпы Моо Фок Кирпичи 2011
Середнiй Вiк БУМБОКС 2011
Существо Дельфин 2011
Anarchy, My Dear Say Anything 2012
#3 (Deluxe Edition) The Script 2012
After The Storm (EP) Alex Band 2012
Age Of Ignorance Our Last Night 2012
Amaryllis Shinedown 2012
Anger Denial Acceptance Spineshank 2012
Antennas To Hell Slipknot 2012
Anthology (Live) Thrice 2012
Atlas Parkway Drive 2012
B3 (EP) Placebo 2012
Balance -deTach- 2012
Battle Born THE KILLERS 2012
Believer Kutless 2012
Black Traffic Skunk Anansie 2012
Blood In This Moment 2012
Born To Die Lana Del Rey 2012
Bringing Down The Giant Saving Abel 2012
Built For Blame, Laced With Shame EP Get Scared 2012
California 37 Train 2012
Coexist The xx 2012
Come of Age The Vaccines 2012
Conventional Weapons 1-5 [EP] My Chemical Romance 2012
Dancing Between The Fibers Of Time Anberlin 2012
Dark Adrenaline Lacuna coil 2012
Days Go By The Offspring 2012
Dead Silence Billy Talent 2012
Decode Exilia 2012
Delayed Reaction Soul Asylum 2012
E Akustik Manga 2012
Epidemia Ill Nino 2012
Everything Is Changing Anneke Van Giersbergen 2012
Fight Or Flight Hoobastank 2012
Glad All Over The Wallflowers 2012
Gold Dust TORI AMOS 2012
Graveyard Of Empires Evans Blue 2012
Hanging On By A Remix The Letter Black 2012
HBLX H-Blockx 2012
House of Gold & Bones: Part 1 (Japan Edition) Stone Sour 2012
How About I Be Me (And You Be You) Sinead O'Connor 2012
Hymns for the Haunted Amanda Jenssen 2012
I Waited for You Valora 2012
Incubus HQ Live Incubus 2012
Invisible Stars Everclear 2012
Jake Bugg Jake Bugg 2012
Kids In The Street The All-American Rejects 2012
King Animal (Best Buy Deluxe Edition) Soundgarden 2012
Koi No Yokan Deftones 2012
Last Parade (Deluxe Version Call Me No One 2012
Little Broken Hearts Norah Jones 2012
Live & Inspired Godsmack 2012
Living Things Linkin Park 2012
Lost In Transition Sixpence None the Richer 2012
Love Is A Four Letter Word (Limited Edition) Jason Mraz 2012
Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow We Are The Ocean 2012
Miracle Third Day 2012
Mirage Of Bliss Maximilian Hecker 2012
Monument Children Collide 2012
Murdered Love (Japanese Edition) P.O.D. 2012
Negotiations The Helio Sequence 2012
New Horizons (iTunes Version) Flyleaf 2012
Nine Lives Deuce 2012
Nonpoint Nonpoint 2012
North (Deluxe Edition) Matchbox Twenty 2012
Not Your Kind Of People (Standard Edition) Garbage 2012
Now Fireflight 2012
Oceania The Smashing Pumpkins 2012
Paradise (EP) Lana Del Rey 2012
Peter Buck Peter Buck 2012
Pines A Fine Frenzy 2012
Push And Shove No Doubt 2012
Race You To The Bottom (Deluxe Edition) New Medicine 2012
Red Lamb Red Lamb 2012
Reliving the Scars in London Soil 2012
Scars & Stories The Fray 2012
Songs From The Last Day On Earth David Usher 2012
Sounds Like Armageddon (Live) Otep 2012
Stray Arrows-A Collection Of Favorites Chevelle 2012
Streets In The Sky The Enemy 2012
Take Em Out[EP] Rev Theory 2012
Taste It EP Jake Bugg 2012
Temple Beautiful Chuck Prophet 2012
Temple Of Thought Poets Of The Fall 2012
The 2nd Law Muse 2012
The Connection Papa Roach 2012
The End Is Where We Begin Thousand Foot Krutch 2012
The Episodes Taproot 2012
The Glorious Dead The Heavy 2012
The Greatest Hits 3 Doors Down 2012
The Haunted Man Bat for Lashes 2012
The Kids From Yesterday [EP] My Chemical Romance 2012
The Rasmus The Rasmus 2012
The Songs That Became An Album Parabelle 2012
Theatre Is Evil Amanda Palmer 2012
Transit Of Venus Three Days Grace 2012
True Defiance (Deluxe Edition) Demon Hunter 2012
Underground 12 Linkin Park 2012
Uno! Green Day 2012
Vital Anberlin 2012
Vulnerable The Used 2012
Weapons (Deluxe Edition) Lostprophets 2012
Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even Parabelle 2012
Балади Скрябін 2012
Иллюзия полёта Jane Air 2012
Основано на Реальных Событиях Stigmata 2012
Резус-фактор Тотал 2012
Сімка Тартак 2012
Transatlanticism Demos (Demo) Death Cab For Cutie 2013
/ Opposites (Deluxe Edition) Biffy Clyro 2013
A Bad Girl In Harlem New Politics 2013
A Heart Still Beats Scars Of Life 2013
A Summer Covers EP Our Last Night 2013
Acoustics II Minus the Bear 2013
Air Parabelle 2013
AM Arctic Monkeys 2013
Animals (EP) Ryan Star 2013
Arrows Of Desire Matthew Good 2013
Ballet The Boxer 1 Ours 2013
Bankrupt! Phoenix 2013
Believers ¡MAYDAY! 2013
Black Out the Sun Sevendust 2013
Blacklisted Life On Repeat 2013
Born to Kill Vigilant 2013
Burials AFI 2013
Cinematics Set It Off 2013
Cockroach Jay-Jay Johanson 2013
Collapsible Lung Relient K 2013
Connect Sick Puppies 2013
Crackin' the Safe EP Saving Abel 2013
Damage Jimmy Eat World 2013
Departures Bernard Fanning 2013
Device Device 2013
Devotion: Vital Special Edition Anberlin 2013
Don't Look Down (Deluxe Edition) Skylar Grey 2013
E.A.R Kashmir 2013
Elba Laura Jansen 2013
Everyone's out to get me Get Scared 2013
Find What You Love and Let It Kill You Jonny Craig 2013
Fire Within Birdy 2013
Fortress Alter Bridge 2013
Fragile Figures Secrets 2013
Ghost Of Escondido Escondido 2013
Graffiti On The Train (Deluxe Edition) Stereophonics 2013
Heart Of Nowhere Noah And The Whale 2013
Hours Falling Up 2013
House Of Gold & Bones: Part 2 Stone Sour 2013
I Love You EP Woodkid 2013
Im With You Sessions Red Hot Chili Peppers 2013
In Concert Dead Can Dance 2013
Live at Rome Olympic Stadium Muse 2013
Lost Trentemøller 2013
Loud Like Love Placebo 2013
Love and Worship Seventh Day Slumber 2013
Love Is The Evidence Citizen Way 2013
Love Lust Faith + Dreams 30 Seconds To Mars 2013
Magnetic Goo Goo Dolls 2013
Midnight On Earthship Falling Up 2013
MMXIII 5diez 2013
Moving Mountains Moving Mountains 2013
Need You Now Plumb 2013
Nocturnal Yuna 2013
Not Art Big Scary 2013
Notes From The Underground - Unabridged Hollywood Undead 2013
Ocean Avenue Acoustic Yellowcard 2013
Old Fighters Matthew Good 2013
OMENS (Deluxe Edition) 3oh!3 2013
Once I Was an Eagle Laura Marling 2013
One Mile High...Live Garbage 2013
Onyx Pop Evil 2013
Overnight Parachute 2013
Paramore Paramore 2013
Protivo Gunz Noize MC 2013
Push The Sky Away Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 2013
Push/Pull Vuvuvultures 2013
ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs (EP) Halestorm 2013
Reborn (Deluxe Edition) Trapt 2013
Reflektor Arcade Fire 2013
Release The Panic [Deluxe Edition] RED 2013
Resilience (Digital Deluxe Edition) Drowning Pool 2013
Rise (Deluxe Edition) Skillet 2013
Run Boy Run EP Woodkid 2013
Seether: 2002-2013 Seether 2013
Shangri La Jake Bugg 2013
Somewhere Somehow We The Kings 2013
Sway Blue October 2013
Syn City Cowboys Syn City Cowboys 2013
Temper Temper (Deluxe Edition) Bullet For My Valentine 2013
The Arsonist Deadlock 2013
The Best of Nickelback Volume 1 NICKELBACK 2013
The Life Acoustic Everlast 2013
The Lighthouse / Everything's Calm Yann Tiersen 2013
The Ocean Of The Sky [EP] The Used 2013
The Other Side [EP] Hell or Highwater 2013
The Sun Comes Out Tonight Filter 2013
Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! Panic! At The Disco 2013
Topple The Giants Adema 2013
Underground XIII Linkin Park 2013
US Icon For Hire 2013
veikur (Japanese Edition) Sigur Ros 2013
Vulnerable (II) The Used 2013
When The Circle Of Light Begins To Fade The Eternal 2013
Where You Stand (Deluxe Edition) Travis 2013
Whole Soil 2013
Young Legs Anthony Green 2013
Добряк Скрябін 2013
Лай, @! ЛИНДА 2013
Неразбериха Noize MC 2013
Термінал Б БУМБОКС 2013
Шестой Слот 2013
#000000 & #ffffff The Neighbourhood 2014
25 Скрябін 2014
4 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 2014
Aftermath Amy Lee 2014
Angus & Julia Stone (Deluxe Version) Angus & Julia Stone 2014
Attack Disciple 2014
Back To Oblivion Finch 2014
Best Of 2004-2014 Hard-Fi 2014
Best Of Anberlin Anberlin 2014
Between The Stars Flyleaf 2014
Black Widow In This Moment 2014
Blank Project Neneh Cherry 2014
Blood & Lemonade American Hi-Fi 2014
Blood At The Orpheum - Live In This Moment 2014
Blood Stained Revolution Saving Abel 2014
Cold [EP] Rae Morris 2014
Collision Course III Eminem & Linkin Park 2014
Commonwealth Sloan 2014
Creation The Pierces 2014
Cult Bayside 2014
Do to the Beast The Afghan Whigs 2014
Enclosure John Frusciante 2014
End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love) Celldweller 2014
English Oceans Drive-By Truckers 2014
EP2 The Pixies 2014
Everlove Die Happy 2014
Everything Will Be Alright In The End Weezer 2014
Forgotten Muse Limp Bizkit 2014
Fuck The System (2CD) System Of A Down 2014
Glorious Foxes 2014
Glory (Deluxe Edition) Kutless 2014
Goddess Banks 2014
Going To Hell The Pretty Reckless 2014
Hard Reboot Noize MC 2014
I Never Learn Lykke Li 2014
I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss Sinead O'Connor 2014
Imaginary Enemy The Used 2014
In Your Prime EP Josef Salvat 2014
Irreal Disappears 2014
Isiklari Sondurseler Bil Manga 2014
iTunes Session OneRepublic 2014
Kill the Power Skindred 2014
La Gargola Chevelle 2014
Legacy Tiffany Alvord 2014
Life Imitating Life Augustana 2014
Lift A Sail Yellowcard 2014
Lowborn Anberlin 2014
Man On The Run (Deluxe Edition) Bush 2014
May Death Never Stop You (The Greatest Hits 2001-2013) My Chemical Romance 2014
Messed Up Kids EP Jake Bugg 2014
Monuments to an Elegy The Smashing Pumpkins 2014
Morning Phase Beck 2014
Mudbox Soledown 2014
Neuro Anna Aaron 2014
Nicotine EP Panic! At The Disco 2014
Night Surfer Chuck Prophet 2014
No Fixed Address NICKELBACK 2014
Oak Island Pt.II (Acoustic) Our Last Night 2014
Offline Guano Apes 2014
Our Time Will Come KMFDM 2014
Oxygen: Inhale Thousand Foot Krutch 2014
Puppet Strings Fuel 2014
Ready Steady Go! Drake Bell 2014
Relief In Sleep Relief In Sleep 2014
Silent So Long Emigrate 2014
Similarities Biffy Clyro 2014
Stones and Honey THE HARDKISS 2014
Stuck Adelitas Way 2014
Supernova Ray LaMontagne 2014
The Acoustic Collection Trapt 2014
The Future's Void EMA 2014
The Good Youth Blitz Kids 2014
The Hunger Games Mockingjay - Part 1 VA 2014
The Hunting Party Linkin Park 2014
The New Classic (Deluxe Version) Iggy Azalea 2014
The Re - Arrival Deadlock 2014
The Return Nonpoint 2014
The Singles Collection Silversun Pickups 2014
The Turn (Deluxe Edition) Amber Pacific 2014
The Voyager Jenny Lewis 2014
They Want My Soul Spoon 2014
Thirtytwo Reverend And The Makers 2014
Till Death, La Familia Ill Nino 2014
Time of Dust [EP] Ed Harcourt 2014
Time Stands Still Family Force 5 2014
Time Travelers & Bonfires Sevendust 2014
TV En Francais We Are Scientists 2014
Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey 2014
Under The Same Sky Sleeping Pulse 2014
Underdog Brutto 2014
Unrepentant Geraldines TORI AMOS 2014
Vital Signs Skillet 2014
We Are the Broken Seventh Day Slumber 2014
You Haunt Me Sir Sly 2014
Андрей Дельфин 2014
Тень независимости 7000$ 2014
*кустик* Noize MC 2015
23 Live Sex Acts Against Me! 2015
7 Steps Of Fresh Air BRAINSTORM 2015
A Head Full Of Dreams COLDPLAY 2015
Ablaze Julie & The Wolf 2015
After Doe Paoro 2015
Aftermath (EP) Earshot 2015
American Beauty/American Psycho FALL OUT BOY 2015
Ardipithecus Willow 2015
ASD A Skylit Drive 2015
B-Sides Placebo 2015
BADLANDS (Deluxe Edition) Halsey 2015
Behind The Devil's Back Fightstar 2015
Beware Little Red Lung 2015
Black Lines Mayday Parade 2015
Blackstar (Original Score) Celldweller 2015
Boysetsfire Boysetsfire 2015
Chasing Yesterday (Deluxe) Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 2015
Cold Altair EP THE HARDKISS 2015
Contradictions Paul Smith And The Intimations 2015
Day Of The Dead (Best Buy Edition) Hollywood Undead 2015
Dead Inside Muse 2015
Demons Get Scared 2015
Desolate Stars Sea Lion 2015
Digital Vein (Deluxe Edition) David Cook 2015
Disquiet Therapy? 2015
Dopamine Third Eye Blind 2015
Ego Death The Internet 2015
Eternas Promesas Mala Reputacion 2015
Everything Went White Pale Crow 2015
Exhale Plumb 2015
F.E.A.R. (Deluxe Edition) Papa Roach 2015
Falling Up Falling Up 2015
Five Crooked Lines Finger Eleven 2015
For The Company Little May 2015
Garland The Gitas 2015
Ghost Notes Veruca Salt 2015
Grand Romantic Nate Ruess 2015
Growing Pains Maria Mena 2015
Hard-Off Bloodhound Gang 2015
Hate Me Escape the Fate 2015
Hello (Deluxe Edition) Hedley 2015
Higher Truth Chris Cornell 2015
Human Three Days Grace 2015
I Am DETACH 2015
Immortalized Disturbed 2015
Innova Fireflight 2015
Into The Wild Life Halestorm 2015
Invincible Deuce 2015
Ire Parkway Drive 2015
Irregular Pulses Adamic 2015
Just Set It Free The Badsongs 2015
Keep The Village Alive Stereophonics 2015
Kubrick Soulsavers 2015
L'innocence Kid Wise 2015
Lancashizer The Working Man 2015
Legion EP Stigmata 2015
Live Tenacious D 2015
Living A Lie Vise Versa 2015
Make America Psycho Again FALL OUT BOY 2015
Male Natalie Imbruglia 2015
Malevolence New Years Day 2015
Mister Asylum Highly Suspect 2015
Molok Gazpacho 2015
Money Shot Puscifer 2015
Music Complete New Order 2015
My Garden Kat Dahlia 2015
Natural Causes Audiotopsy 2015
NOTIONS Lovedrug 2015
Of Beauty and Rage RED 2015
One Love Revolution Pillar 2015
Ones and Zeros (Deluxe) Young Guns 2015
Panic Stations Motion City Soundtrack 2015
Peace Out Nelson 2015
Pleasure To Meet You Dead Sara 2015
Purity Exilia 2015
Rise Up Art of Dying 2015
Saint Asonia Saint Asonia 2015
Salvation EP KMFDM 2015
Signal Hearts of Black Science 2015
Sin Eater Amber Asylum 2015
Sol Invictus (Japanese Edition) Faith No More 2015
Songs Of Candlelight And Razorblades Live Wayne Hussey 2015
Sorry Meg Myers 2015
Sprinter TORRES 2015
Steel, Wood and Whiskey Finch 2015
Straight Outta Burbank... Stone Sour 2015
Sun Coming Down Ought 2015
Tell Me I'm Pretty Cage the Elephant 2015
Ten Commandos Ten Commandos 2015
That's The Spirit Bring Me The Horizon 2015
The Awakening P.O.D. 2015
The Brimstone Sluggers Crazy Town 2015
The Color Before The Sun Coheed And Cambria 2015
The Heart Is A Monster Failure 2015
The Magic Whip Blur 2015
The Sound And The Fury Nerina Pallot 2015
Things We Do At Night (Live From Texas) Blue October 2015
Threat To Survival Shinedown 2015
Thrilled Punchline 2015
Through Art We Are All Equals (Deluxe Edition) Slaves 2015
Time And Trauma (Deluxe Edition) 36 Crazyfists 2015
Tutti Frutti New Order 2015
Underground 15 Linkin Park 2015
UnEvolutioN Never A Hero 2015
Up (Deluxe Edition) Pop Evil 2015
Vena Coldrain 2015
Vulnicura Bjork 2015
Vulnicura Strings Bjork 2015
Warzone Earth Peter Buck 2015
When the Smoke Clears (Deluxe Edition) Hinder 2015
Younger Dreams Our Last Night 2015
Ввічність Тартак 2015
Лети, лепесток Plastika 2015
Лучшее Дельфин 2015
Марафон PINS 2015
Офлайн White Sound 2015
Револьверы StereoМысли 2015
Там, где нас нет Белый Кот 2015
Чёрная гавань Jane Air 2015
A Moon Shaped Pool (Deluxe Edition) Radiohead 2016
A Place for Us to Dream (20 Years Of Placebo) Placebo 2016
Above It All Farewell, My Love 2016
Adore Life Savages 2016
American Appetite Harriet 2016
Anarchytecture Skunk Anansie 2016
Battles [Limited Edition] In Flames 2016
California Blink-182 2016
Cardinal Pinegrove 2016
Change Of Fortune Soul Asylum 2016
Confessions Sonic Syndicate 2016
Continuance The New Low 2016
Crazy Eyes Filter 2016
Death of a Bachelor Panic! At The Disco 2016
Delirium Lacuna coil 2016
Dream Too Much Amy Lee 2016
Elapse Arkos 2016
Exhale Thousand Foot Krutch 2016
Feed the Fire Promise And The Monster 2016
First Day Back Somos 2016
Getaway Adelitas Way 2016
Ghost Riding RNDM 2016
Golden Daze Golden Daze 2016
Gore Deftones 2016
Hellelujah Drowning Pool 2016
Helter Seltzer We Are Scientists 2016
Home Blue October 2016
Honor Is Dead Wovenwar 2016
Hybris (Limited Edition) Deadlock 2016
iii Miike Snow 2016
It's Not Over...The Hits So Far Daughtry 2016
Know-It-All Alessia Cara 2016
Lessons Learned Stay True 2016
Letters From The Dead Evans Blue 2016
Life Screams Lacey Sturm (ex Flyleaf) 2016
Life's What You Make It EP Placebo 2016
Lost On You LP 2016
Love Letter for Fire Jesca Hoop & Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) 2016
Make It Home The Music Therapy Experiment 2016
Million Miles Phrenia 2016
My Wild West Lissie 2016
Night Swim (Deluxe) Josef Salvat 2016
Night Thoughts (Deluxe Edition) Suede 2016
Oh My My (Deluxe Edition) OneRepublic 2016
On My One Jake Bugg 2016
Recover, Vol. 1 Amy Lee 2016
Second Love Emmy The Great 2016
Septima Слот 2016
Show Your Teeth Bombay 2016
Singularity (Remixes) New Order 2016
Skye & Ross Skye & Ross 2016
Strange Little Birds Garbage 2016
The Getaway Red Hot Chili Peppers 2016
The Kill Plan Parabelle 2016
The North Corridor Chevelle 2016
The Poison Red Nonpoint 2016
Tied Down Forever Still 2016
Unleashed Skillet 2016
Us And The Night 3 Doors Down 2016
War She Is We 2016
Weezer (White Album) Weezer 2016
Where The Light Shines Through (Deluxe Edition) Switchfoot 2016
You And I Jeff Buckley 2016
You Can't Kill Us Icon For Hire 2016
Youth Authority Good Charlotte 2016
Артист Кукрыниксы 2016
Дивный новый мир Louna 2016
На тёмной стороне Метроном 2016
AFI (The Blood Album) AFI 2017
Grace Street Big Wreck 2017
We All Want The Same Things Craig Finn 2017
Третий круг Lori! Lori! 2017

Стиль Alternative

Alternative (альтернативная музыка, альтернативный рок) — это жанр музыкального направления, который может включать в себя разные черты нескольких стилей, и не принадлежать ни к одному из них. Этот стиль противопоставляет себя другим стилям музыки, как рэп, поп, драз, но он оказал свое огромное влияние на развитие других направлений в музыке. Альтернатива — это прежде всего рок и его поджанры. Сам термин появился в середине 80-х, и охватывал множество стилей, берущих своё начало в Punk-Rock, Post-Punk и старательно пытался найти себя для продолжения своего существования, а потому разные группы этого направления старались найти какие-то характерные черты, присущие конкретно альтернативной музыке. Создавался этот стиль в начале 1980 гг. в США на нескольких радиостанциях колледжей стали играть альтернативный рок, но большинство игнорировали его. После этого стали называть «колледж-рок». А также в Великобритании альтернативный рок ставал популярным именно благодаря диджеям таким, как Ричард Скиннер, Энни Найтингейл, Джон Пил. Некоторые группы, которые играли альтернативную музыку занимали верхние строчки хит-парадов. Коммерческого успеха альтернативный рок начал добиваться в начале 90-х, когда крупные лейблы оказали свою поддержку и раскрутку. Альтернативный рок стал самым популярным музыкальным стилем того времени. Самые известные группы 1980 гг., которые играли в этом стиле: Sonic Youth, R.E.M, Jane's Addiction, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, The Replacements и H?sker D?; и английские New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain. В начале 1990-х в альтернативной музыке стали продвигаться группы, включая Cake, Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers . Возвращение альтернативной музыки в мейнстрим стала благодаря таким английским группам Radiohead, Muse, Placebo, Arctic Monkeys, американским The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Linkin Park, Skillet. Сейчас известные английские инди-рок группы The Killers, Gelousy, и Snow Patrol.


Музыкальные новости

Новый клип Канье Уэста вызвал ажиотаж в сети
Клип американского рэпера Канье Уэста "Famous" вызвал ажиотаж в сети и собрал много разговоров вокруг себя. Ролик..

Шакира побывала на чемпионате Евро 2016
Популярная колумбийская исполнительница Шакира вместе с сыновьями побывала на футбольном чемпионате Евро 2016...

Рита Ора госпитализирована
Напряженный рабочий график рано или поздно приводит к истощению организма, с чем столкнулась и известная певица..

Принц Гарри спел с Coldplay
Благодаря стараниям британского принца Гарри в Кенсингтонском дворце состоялось мероприятие, целью которого..

Свидание с Верой Брежневой было продано на аукционе за 25 тысяч долларов
Украинская певица Вера Брежнева присоединилась к благотворительной акции модели Лены Перминовой, которая направлена..

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Популярные исполнители

1.  ZippO
2.  Nirvana
3.  Бутырка
4.  Shawn Mendes
5.  Artik & Asti
6.  Егор Крид (KReeD)
7.  The Piano Guys
8.  Алла Пугачева
9.  Echo Tail
10.  Place Vendome

ТОП 10 сегодня

1.  Дистиона - Япет
2.  Dashboard Confessional - Alter The Ending (2CD)
3.  Владимир Кузьмин - Слёзы в огне
4.  Олег Винник - Я не устану
5.  Танцы Минус - 10 капель
6.  Игорь Корнелюк - Подожди
7.  Кино - Кино (Черный альбом)
8.  Al Bano & Romina Power - Che Angelo Sei
9.  Monatik - Звучит
10.  Инна Маликова & Самоцветы - New Самоцветы

ТОП 10 за месяц

1.  ZippO - Незабываемо
2.  Nirvana - Bleach
3.  Бутырка - Улица свободы
4.  Shawn Mendes - Handwritten
5.  Artik & Asti - Здесь и сейчас
6.  Егор Крид (KReeD) - Холостяк
7.  The Piano Guys - The Piano Guys
8.  Алла Пугачева - Зеркало души
9.  Echo Tail - The Ancestry
10.  Place Vendome - Close To The Sun

Новинки музыки

1.  Ас Вентура - Дикое поле
2.  Tubefreeks - The Dry Tide
3.  Regulus - Quadralith
4.  Lock Up - Demonization
5.  Jett Rebel - Super Pop
6.  Inner Prospekt - One of each One
7.  Amelia Curran - Watershed
8.  Within The Ruins - Halfway Human
9.  The Static Shift - Common Bliss
10.  The Encounter - Bad mood (Deluxe Edition)

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